Tough Mudder Training Week 6 Recap

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Oct 06

October has arrived, and I’m less than 2 weeks away from the Tough Mudder Philly!  This is a frightening prospect but also a relief because I’m getting closer to the starting line, meaning that the finish line isn’t too far away!

This week I’m sharing my workout recap as part of Tuesdays on the Run, hosted by April of Run the Great Wide Somewhere, Erika of MCM Mama Runs, and Patty of No-Guilt Life!

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Another fun-filled week of training for Tough Mudder!

Tough Mudder Training Workouts:

Wednesday 9/30:  I was invited to The Wall Cycling studio in Manayunk.  Check up my write-up of my experience and interview with owner Julie Sabella later this week!  After spinning class, despite the rain, I went on my 4-mile run that evening.  The rain wasn’t too heavy and thankfully my pace was right on point.

Thursday 10/1:  Weight training class!  To prepare for Tough Mudder, I worked on some plyometric moves – so I did squat jumps to lunges while holding 12 pound dumbbells in each hand.  It was tough, but I eventually figured it out!  I also did a lot of work on the triceps with 6 pound weights…it doesn’t take much to feel the burn!

Friday 10/2:  Started off the morning with pushups, bicycle crunches and V-ups to compensate for Thursday.  It was rainy all week due to a Nor’easter, so I had a 6.5 mile run on the treadmill after work.  I had the gym all to myself! The speed work portion of the run consisted of 3 sets of 1-mile at 9:30 and 0.5-mile walking.  Thank goodness I had House Hunters to distract me!

Saturday 10/3:  4-mile run with Bret in the morning.  My softball games were canceled for the week due to worries about Hurricane Joaquin, so it was the only real workout I had, in addition to the usual pushups and sit ups!

Sunday 10/4:  Time for the long run!  I ran 9 miles in 55-degree weather, my first time running so long in well over a month.  It actually went really great!  Somewhere after mile 5, I picked up my pace and never looked back.  I finished my last mile sub-10…crazy!

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Monday 10/5:  I originally planned to go to Runner’s Cross Training, but after a long day of work, I just wasn’t in the mood for the workout.  It was probably good to have this as a non-running day because otherwise I would have been active 5 days in a row – no thanks!  I did a few easy exercises – sit ups, donkey kicks, hydrants, more pushups – before going to bed.

Tough Mudder Week 6 Report Card:

This was another solid week of working out!  While the rainy and cooler weather tried to throw me a curve ball, I made it through all of my runs – I really have no complaints!

I always feel like I haven’t done enough cross-training, but I have to trust that I am making the effort that will help me get through the course.  I’m not trying to beat anyone at the Tough Mudder, I just want to be able to do my best and feel prepared for the physical challenges.

I’m still really scared that I’m going to injure myself, so I need to do some last-minute shopping for knee pads, gloves and compression wear so that I’m properly protected.  I’ll give you all the deets as soon as I figure it out!

Because all of my runs went so well, I am happy to grade Week 6 an A!  

Were you affected by stormy weather or Hurricane Joaquin?  How do you work out in tough weather conditions?

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