Weekly Meal Plan for 11/8/15

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Nov 08

I’m just going to be honest.  I did NOT have a good week of eating and meal planning.

But that’s okay…as long as it doesn’t become a habit.  That’s why I’m so happy I’m back on with Jill Conyers and Laura of Mommy Run Fast to share weekly meal plans as part of the What’s For Dinner linkup.  Accountability matters!

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So glad to finally get back to meal planning!

Last Week Recap:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to share of the amazing food I made this past week.  That’s because I didn’t make anything amazing.  Oops!

Two Sundays ago, I whipped up my smoothies and made the breakfast quiche and lemon poppy-seed muffins like a champ.

But last Sunday, we were extremely busy.  I had a 10 mile run in the morning, we went to 6 Open Houses across town, and by the time we got back, I was beat! Oh yeah, and the Royals played their game-winning World Series that night.  (Go Royals!)  No smoothies or quiche muffins were made as a result.


Lots of baseball watching, not a lot of meal prepping….

All wasn’t lost, though – I did make the apple cinnamon muffins, but as a loaf.  It’s not really the most photogenic meal in the world, but it’s not bad.  I probably wouldn’t buy them again, though.

During the week, I ate chips as snacks, roast beef from the cafeteria for lunch, went to networking dinner and piled on the pasta (plus a cookie and brownie).  Over the weekend, I ate Twizzlers, tons of food at Homecoming, and a few too many beers.

My major takeaway?  Sunday night is NOT the best time to cook.  I’m going to make sure I get everything done by 6 pm on Sunday so I don’t make any excuses!  Because I ate all that crap this past week, I feel like crap!

Meals for the Week:


Quiche muffins – I’m actually going to make them this week
Apple cinnamon muffins
Cereal and milk


Dinner leftovers
PB&J sandwiches
Green smoothies
Carrots and hummus


Out for a birthday celebration
Acorn squash with quinoa and kale
Skinny sloppy joes with sweet potato fries – finally!


Honey roasted peanuts
Luna bars
Greek yogurt and granola
Trail mix

Sometimes you have a bad week.  There’s really no point getting upset about it, it’s just time to move on and get back on track!

What do you do when you have a bad week of eating?  What time of the day do you like to prep your meals? 

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