Weekly Meal Plan for 12/20/15

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Dec 20

Christmas is this Friday, and I’m still in denial that it’s here!

Since it’s the start of a new week, it’s time for weekly meal planning!  I’m linking up with Laura from Mommy Run Fast to share what’s for dinner!

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So glad to finally get back to meal planning!Last Week Recap:

Last week went pretty well on the meal planning front, especially for breakfast and lunch.  I made some really tasty fruit smoothies that really helped me power through lunch.  Work has been extremely busy lately, and I’m glad that I didn’t eat a ton of junk due to stress.  My dinners weren’t as healthy as I’d like as I did need to eat a few meals on-the-go.  And now that Bret is gone for the holidays, I was a little lazy the last two nights and didn’t make much of an effort for dinner.


On Saturday, I went to a fun holiday brunch with the #PHLBloggers.  I wish I could find a photo of the group – we had some delicious food – gluten free muffins, French toast casserole, quiches, scones, and fruit (my contribution).  I will have to “borrow” some of their recipes!

Meals for the Week:

I’m really looking forward to visiting my sister in Maryland for Christmas!  She has been making tons of sweets all week, and it’s torture being away from all of the cookies and drinks for so long!  But before I get to the sugar rush, I’m committing to eating as healthy as possible leading up to Christmas.

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At work, we are having our annual holiday party and potluck on Christmas Eve.  Usually I’m out of town for the party, but this year I’m helping out and helping myself to some food!  This year, the event is focusing on fitness and healthy eating, so there will lots of activities for employees and their families to be active and actually eat some healthy food.  I’m bringing in chocolate chip cookies for the potluck, but I’m looking forward to trying some wholesome dishes and NOT overeating!


Cereal and milk
Christmas day brunch:  Banana bread or zucchini bread and mini quiches


PB& J sandwiches
Fruit smoothies
Carrots and hummus


Tilapia, sweet potatoes, and broccoli
Chicken and pasta with vegetables
Christmas Eve dinner:  roasted Brussels sprouts and maybe a potato/sweet potato dish


Clif Bars – carrot cake flavor, yum!
I don’t even want to admit all of the desserts I’ll be eating come Christmas…!

What will you be eating for dinner for the Christmas holiday?  

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