Runfessions – January 2016

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Jan 29

It’s crazy to me that we’re almost done with the first month of the year!  Have you been doing well with your New Year’s Resolutions?  I hope so!

Every last Friday of the month it’s time to share Runfessions with Marcia’s Healthy Slice and a bunch of other fun bloggers.  Let’s just let it all out, shall we?

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Every month I share my runfessions aka running confessions! Time to vent!

Runfessions for January

The Runner’s Reset Has Been Fantastic In Showing My Weaknesses

I’m a couple of weeks into the 21 day runner’s reset, and while I haven’t been perfect, it’s been going really well overall.  My candy consumption has dropped over 90% and I’ve been able to make some great meals.

But the running and cross-training have been clutch!  Doing fartlek runs has been a fun change of pace and I’m remembering how much I enjoy running fast.  And when it comes to cross-training, I’m really glad that I’ve had 3-4 workouts to do each week with the reset.

But lunges, side planks, single-legged anything, and V-ups have proven to be pretty darn tough for me.  And I can’t even do butt kicks anymore since my hamstrings are so tight!  I have to runfess that I’m embarrassed at how exercises that were once easy to me are now a struggle, but I’m not giving up!  It’s good to know where your weaknesses are so that you can focus on those areas.

All These Ambassadorships – Am I Worthy?

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I have shared how excited and honored I am to be a race ambassador for ZOOMA, the Philly Love Run, and Bibrave Pro, plus a Social Runner for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run.  And it’s awesome that I now have a page dedicated to race discounts!

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But I have to runfess – I am a bit in disbelief that I have been given all of this responsibility! Obviously, I love running, and I love talking about running with anyone who will listen!   I really want to be a helpful resource, but there are so many other ambassadors out there who are really great at promoting themselves, and I don’t think I’m anywhere close to being at that level.

I hope that my excitement will encourage others to sign up for these races, but I am a bit worried that I won’t get enough people to sign up.  From my understanding, ambassador groups have regular check in’s to see who’s getting the most signups.  I’m scared that despite my efforts, I’ll be at the bottom of the list!

For those who have done this before, do you have any strategies that have worked for you?  I’d love any pointers!

The Joys of Winter Running

Running last winter!

Running last winter!

I love running in the winter.  My favorite seasons for running are fall, winter, spring, and summer in a distant fourth place.

Now that we’ve got several inches of snow on the ground thanks to Jonas, I have to runfess that I’m glad to be at the part of winter where there will be fewer runners and bikers on the trails.  One of the things I hate most about summer running is all of the bobbing and weaving I have to do because there are too many people out there!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great that everyone’s out there and getting in shape on the trails, but running is an escape for me.  Winter is the best time of year to embrace that since I can really feel that I’m out on my own, without distractions.

I’m also sharing with Jill for Fitness Health and Happiness and Mar for the Friday Five!

What runfessions would you like to share with me?  

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