My Results After the 21 Day Runner’s Reset

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Feb 03

So the 21 Day Runner’s Reset is over, just like that!

It’s hard to believe that the 21-day challenge to limit sugar and increase strength training has come to an end.  It was a really great experience and I learned so much in the process that I plan to keep up with beyond the 21 days!

I thought I would share my recap of the 21 Day Runner’s Reset and my main takeaways from the program.  Thanks so much to Laura for giving me the opportunity to participate!

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I participated in the 21 Day Runner's Reset hosted by Laura Peifer from Mommy Runs Fast. I learned so much during those 21 days about heatlhy eating and strength training! Check out what I learned and how I did! More running tips at

21 Day Runner’s Reset – My Results

The 21 Day Reset Program is a whole foods challenge to cleanse your mind, body and spirit. And this year there's a focus on strength training for runners! Find out more!

From January 11 to January 31, I participated in the 21 Day Runner’s Reset and it was definitely the right way to start off the year!  I’ve shared my goals for the reset, so let’s see if I was on target or off the mark!

How It Went

While it wasn’t perfect every day, the Runner’s Reset when very well for me, and I’m so grateful!  Since the Runner’s Reset focused on healthy eating and strength training, I’ve split up my recap of the experience based on those two areas.

Healthy Eating

Eliminating excess sugars from my diet was initially really easy for me, but over time, I realized that I had certain “cravings” and missed having those sugary sweets, especially whenever I was bored or stressed.  I had a couple of nights out to Restaurant Week where I ate dessert, but honestly, they weren’t as satisfying as they normally would be.  I also realized I needed to cut back on the M&M’s in my trail mixes!

I did a much better job of getting in the kitchen and preparing meals as part of the reset.  Meal planning and prepping has been a big challenge for me and one of my goals is to create a workable routine.  While I’m not quite there yet, I think I’m getting closer!  I made some really tasty recipes provided by Laura that will now become part of my arsenal of healthy meals and snacks!

Strength Training

I have always found excuses to get out of strength training.  I would rarely work out at home (because once I’m inside, I’m not working out!) and then wonder why I’m not progressing with my running as much as I would like.

Laura provided us with some great workouts to use for strength training, and the best thing was that they didn’t take up too much time!  I regained an appreciation for working on my core and upper body – areas that have been neglected for quite awhile!  I’m happy that I kept up with 3 days of strength training each week.

Main Takeaways

I ended up learning quite a bit about myself during this 21-day challenge.

Healthy Eating

  • I consider myself pretty well “in tune” with my body’s needs, but this challenge made me more aware of my emotional eating.  And now I know when to keep it in check!
  • If I plan my time properly, I can really whip up some good meals.  Just like with running, all it takes is getting started.
  • The crockpot is awesome and should never be neglected!  I need to take advantage of it to ensure that we have easy meals throughout the week.
  • The less often you eat excess sugars, the more it really is a treat.  Less is more.

Strength Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to pack in a quality workout in a short period of time!  More, please!
  • My core and upper body need a lot of work!
  • Lunges are challenging for me but the more I do them, the better I feel.  They’re so important for runners!
  • I really enjoy doing squats!  Is that weird?

Moving Forward

As I move beyond the challenge, I will not be as restrictive with my diet, but I will definitely do a better job of portion control!  I will also keep up with strength training because it’s so necessary and I really enjoy it!

Healthy Eating

  • I will continue to meal plan and prep for the week, using Laura’s recipes and whatever great finds out there on Pinterest.
  • I’ll keep away from the Twizzlers and other candies that cause me trouble, but I will have some sweet treats once in a while.  I actually don’t miss them that much!
  • I’ll be eliminating alcohol for Lent, so I’m looking forward to the reduced caloric intake from that alone.
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Strength Training

  • I’m taking four 8-week classes offered through work:  yoga, boot camp, core and more, and weight training.
  • I’ll continue working on strengthening my hips and working on single-legged balance in between workouts.

Thanks again to Laura and everyone in the Facebook Group for their support during the 21 Day Runner’s Reset!  I had a great experience and have set the foundation that I was looking for, so I will say that my results are a success!

Workouts for the Week:

Wednesday 1/27:  I finally had a rest day!  The only exercise I had was walking to and from dinner for Center City Restaurant week, which helped me get past my 10,000 steps goal!

Thursday 1/28:  Lunchtime Core and More Class.  This time, it’s being taught by Ivy, who I’ve never had as an instructor.  She is intense!  We did a bunch of standing and one-legged exercises that really challenged me! Then I had weight training in the evening, another fitness class through work.  I had a fun time – we did planks, lots of squats, used the rowing machine, and worked on machines for upper body.  Carlos is a fun instructor and he kept all 8 of us entertained and exhausted!

Friday 1/29:  The day ran away from me, so no running or working out.

Saturday 1/30:  7 miles in the morning with Bret.  It was extremely tough, mentally and physically.  The cold air was brutal, the running trail was narrow and icy in spots, and my legs felt really heavy.

Sunday 1/31:  We went for a 4 mile run in the afternoon.  The temperature was warmer, but there was still a bite of cold air.  So many more people were out on the narrow trail, and it was another mentally tough run, but we did it!

Monday 2/1:  Intermediate yoga class at lunch.  This week was much more challenging but very fulfilling – we worked on the crow pose!  Thankfully, I can still do it for about 10 seconds.  Then I had boot camp after work – it was a great full body workout!  I warmed up on the spinning bike for about 5 minute, then there were lots of pushups, wall sits, TRX rows, plyometrics and core work.  It was tough but I loved it!

Tuesday 2/2:  I went for 2 quick miles on the treadmill during lunch.  I was a bit sore from boot camp but overall it went well!

Week 4 Report Card:

I’m really happy with how my workouts went in the past week.  While I’m still trying to figure out whether to run for 3 days or 4 days a week for Cherry Blossom, I am getting in quality runs every time, even though they’ve been a bit tougher lately.

It feels really good to have the fitness classes back in rotation.  I end up pretty tired by the end of the day, but for me, it’s worth it.  Building strength is always so exciting to me, and my hips are loving all of the attention they’re getting!

Based on this past week, I’m going to give myself an A.  Woohoo!  Let’s keep it up, as I approach my last week of training for ZOOMA.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for this virtual 10K race!

Would you ever do a program like the 21 day runner’s reset?  How are your workouts going this week?

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