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Feb 11

How can Run With No Regrets be a better place for you to enjoy?

Since creating this blog in July 2013, Run With No Regrets has truly evolved.  Initially, the blog was a space where I could talk about my running and overall workouts with no real audience in mind.  Since then, Run With No Regrets has grown to become a real resource for running tips, race recaps, and a few healthy recipes and product reviews along the way.

So many of you comment regularly, share your personal experiences, and just make this an amazing place to be.  Thank you!  I am so proud of that evolution and I plan to continue to work hard to keep flying even higher!

So how are we going to get there?  With your honest feedback!  Time for a survey!

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Have you been a reader of Run With No Regrets? Check out this year's member survey so you can help make RWNR a better place for you with running tips and healthy living!

Member Survey for 2016

It’s been about a year since the last time I sent out a reader’s survey.  It’s so interesting to think back of where I was trying to take the blog in 2015 vs. now.  I want to help this space continue to grow and be a place where people would want to hang out.

So before I actually get to the survey, I want to explain my process of why I need your feedback based on where I’m trying to take us!  If you’ve already taken the survey as a subscriber to the weekly newsletter, thank you!

What Are Your Interests?

Hopefully, you’re interested in running, right?  I can’t imagine being here if you don’t!  But seriously, what else do you like when it comes to health and fitness?

Are there cross-training and strength training exercises that you like or want to learn more about?  Are there things that you struggle with when it comes to keeping fit where you’d like some advice?

What makes you keep coming back to Run With No Regrets?  What types of posts do you like to read most?

How Can the Newsletter Improve?

I truly appreciate my 184 newsletter subscribers who get emails from me every Monday at 11 am.  The big goal for the newsletter in 2015 was simply creating one.  Now, I really want to make it as useful as possible for you, so that you’d actually look forward to receiving emails from me!

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What would make you open and read an email from Run With No Regrets each week?  Are you interested in running and recipe links?  Do you just want the past week’s blogs and nothing else?  Or maybe you’re looking for a weekly motivational pep talk?  I honestly don’t know!

So please, let me know what would make the newsletter more worthwhile for you. I have some ideas that I propose in the survey, so I’d really appreciate some honest feedback!

How Do You Like the Site Design?

I started out with my current blog header while I was still over on Blogspot.  In December 2014, I moved over to self-hosted WordPress with the design you currently see.  But is it time for an upgrade?

I’ve been thinking about getting a new blog design for a while.  I don’t want to change the primary colors or branding, but maybe I could make the site a little bit warmer and brighter so that you guys would want to stay a little bit longer.  Is the black too dark?  Is it difficult to navigate the site?  Let me know in the survey!

And Now, Here’s Your Survey!

You can fill it out right now in the form below, or you can use this direct link to the survey so that you can fill it out later!  Thank you SO much for taking the time to fill it out.

I can’t wait to see what you think about how this blog can be a better place so I can take action!  Thanks for all of your support these past 2.5 years!

What types of topics would you like to see more of, or less of, on the blog?

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