Weekly Wrap: Valentine’s Day Recap and Lent Check In

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Feb 15

Is it freezing cold where you live?  It’s great to have an extended weekend (shout out to President’s Day!), but when the weather is at record lows, it makes things a little bit miserable!  I think the groundhog lied to us in the Northeast!

I’m participating in the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin!  It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers.  I’m sure many of us will be sharing a recap of our Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Celebrations

Bret and I have been lucky the past couple of years that Valentine’s Day has fallen around the weekend.  Last Friday marked the 4 year anniversary of our very first date.  Time flies!

We usually go out of town for the weekend but this year we kept it local.  We went to dinner at a great place in Center City called Bud & Marilyn’s.  We had their famous cheese curds to start (they were fantastic), I got the meatloaf, and Bret had the fish fry.  We ended the meal with a giant cake for dessert.  The food was excellent!

anniversary came 2016

After dinner, I encouraged Bret to go to Winterfest where he could ice skate for the very first time.  Thankfully, he was on board! I actually haven’t hit the ice since I was in high school, so I’ve been dying to go for a long time.  I was a little rusty at first, but I was able to help Bret tackle the ice.  He improved pretty quickly, so hopefully we’ll be able to go back!

Winterfest is great because they have arcade games (we love Skee-Ball), lodging areas to hang out, fire pits, and plenty of food and beverages to buy.  It was the perfect way to end our date.


ZOOMA Run Love Challenge

Bret and I faced the cold and windy weather so that I could tackle the ZOOMA Run Love 10K on Saturday morning.  I’ll be sharing my full race recap tomorrow, but spoiler alert – I didn’t finish in under an hour.  It was rough at points, but as always, Bret helped pushed me through.

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On another note, Bret and I were featured in an article on Girls Gone Sporty!  I am a GGS Ambassador and was happy to contribute to a piece on “Swolemates”, couples who work out together.  I’d love if you would check it out!

First Few Days of Lent:  Checking In

I’m happy to share that I am still going strong these first few days of Lent – I haven’t had a drop of alcohol!  But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few challenges…

Wednesday night we went out to eat after house hunting in our prospective neighborhood.  The place is a brewery.  I have never eaten there without having a beer, and I was going to just drink water, but my meal felt incomplete.  I ended up getting a root beer to go with the flatbread.

For Friday’s Valentine festivities, I already knew that Bud & Marilyn’s serve mocktails, so I eagerly selected the Couple Skate – it was tasty and gave the “effect” of having an alcoholic drink, but it was extremely sweet.  At Winterfest, I had a hot apple cider sans booze.

My main concern with this challenge is that I’ve been replacing alcohol with sugary drinks that lack substance – not exactly the greatest substitution.  I can’t forget everything I learned from the 21 day reset!  Moving forward, I will have to do better research on healthier alternatives to alcohol when I go out.  I appreciate any suggestions!

Survey for Run With No Regrets

Thanks to everyone who has filled out the reader survey for Run With No Regrets.  I’m just trying to get a good enough sample size so that I can really dig in and see what people are looking for to make the blog a better place.  If you still haven’t taken it, it’s not too late.  I really appreciate your honest feedback.  If it sucks to hang out here, I want to know!

How was your past week?  Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?  

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