Ultimate Coffee Date – April 2016

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Apr 02

Wow, this past month really flew by fast…we’re in April!

Since it’s the first Saturday of the month, I’m linking up with the Ultimate Coffee Date, hosted by Coco, Deborah, and Lynda!  It’s a fun way to share what’s going on in your life and get to know other bloggers, so check them out!

I’m also linking up with Tricia and HoHo for the Weekly Wrap!

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It's time for another Ultimate Coffee Date!

Ultimate Coffee Date – April 2016

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run on Sunday and enjoying a weekend in Washington, DC!  I definitely needed this weekend to come because Bret and I are overdue for a getaway with just the two of us.  Of course, I’ll be doing some bloggy things as part of my responsibility as a Social Runner, but I look forward to the amazing restaurants, meeting up with some friends, and hitting the free museums!  After having an incredibly busy week at work (I’m talking 12-hour days), the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Bret and I at Washington monument

Us at the Cherry Blossom Run last year (Bret ran too)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…I’m excited about Villanova being in the Final Four for March Madness!  I went to Villanova for grad school so it’s been great to cheer them on this season.  I really think that this is their year to finally make it to the championship, so I’ll be rooting for them on Saturday night vs. Oklahoma!  Philly hasn’t had any winning teams in a LONG time, so we need this!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…it’s so funny how things turn out sometimes.  A few coffee dates ago I was so scared/overwhelmed about being a good race ambassador, and now I’m having my second giveaway for the Love Run Half Marathon!  Being an ambassador for the Love Run has been such a great experience, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to earn the ability to give away a total of 8 free race entries!  I’m really looking forward to the race since it’ll be my first time participating and my first time running a relay race.  Hopefully, it’ll be a beautiful day!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…we ‘ve really  picked up the intensity when it comes to home buying, and man, is my head spinning!  There isn’t a lot on the market where we want to live right now, but there’s one house that has really caught our eye.  We’ve been trying to decide whether we want to make an offer, and exactly how much to offer.  It’s a great house, but they are asking for way too much!  We’ll see what happens…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…I’m not sure I’m ready for how busy April is going to be.  I’m running 3 races, attending a blog conference, helping plan Earth Day outreach events at work, and attending a wedding in Nebraska.  That’s on top of working full-time, continuing to run, and going through the house buying process.  I need to make sure I’m eating well and getting enough sleep through all of this.  Oh, and self-care will be incredibly important!

What would you share with me over coffee?  What are you looking forward to in April?

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