Goals for the King of Prussia 10 Miler

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May 18

So the King of Prussia 10 Miler is this Sunday.  Wow did that happen quickly!

Believe it or not, I’ve had a short “break” since having so many races in April and the beginning of May, so I am relatively well-rested and ready to head back to the starting line!

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Sharing my goals for the King of Prussia 10 Miler coming up this weekend! #wildworkoutwednesday #runchat Share on X

For the first time I'm running the King of Prussia 10 Mile Run! It's supposed to be a very hilly race but I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Goals for the King of Prussia 10 Mile Run

It’s pretty exciting to have a new race to run this weekend.  As I talked about in my last post on repeating races, I really enjoy the opportunity to mix things up and check out a race that I’ve never tried but heard great reviews.  The King of Prussia 10 Mile fits that criteria!

My race training has been slightly better than it has been the past few weeks, and I’ve been making sure to run longer on the weekends, but my mileage is still pretty low.  In any event, I’m still going to do my best to have a solid race!

Racing Strategy:

Since the King of Prussia 10 Miler is not a goal race for me, I’m not so focused on having a detailed racing strategy.  I’ve had 2 awesome 10 mile races this year and I’m really excited to see how I can handle the hills of King of Prussia.

“What hills”, you ask?  See below.

From Runner’s World

The King of Prussia course is very, very hilly!  I couldn’t find a good elevation map but I’ll definitely share my Nike+ map in my race recap next Tuesday!  I really struggled with hills at the Annapolis Classic Half Marathon and the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon, so this will be a real challenge.  We’ll see if my cross training helps me power through the hills!

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I don’t really know what to expect but I’m excited to be able to run this smaller, local race.  I’m going to enjoy the sights and see where my body takes me!

Fueling and Hydration:

Avoiding the hydration stations at races has been working well for me, so I’m going to use my Nathan hydation belt during this race as it continues to work well.  I will use the Clif Shotbloks to fuel about every 3 miles, but I’m really not enjoying them anymore.  Maybe I need a different flavor because strawberry is really not doing it for me!  Any recommendations on chews?

Thankfully for this race, we’re forecast to have perfect weather!  Running in the 50’s and low 60’s is clutch for a strong race, and such a relief after suffering through rain at the Broad Street Run and the super cold weather at the Love Run Relay.  It should be a great day, and we need it after having such a rainy, miserable month!

King of Prussia 10 Miler Weather

Overall, I’m really looking forward to having a nice day for a race.  I have no pressure to be fast and can take advantage of all the hills to prep me for the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon, which is now only a few short weeks away!

Are you racing this weekend?  What’s the hilliest race you’ve ever run?   Any tips?

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