5 Silliest Myths About Mud Runs + Discount to Muckfest MS

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

May 11

What do you think about mud runs?  Yay?  Nay?

In the past year and a half, I’ve participated in a couple of mud runs, which I’ve recapped here and here. I never thought it would be the type of event for me, but I had a really great time taking part and having fun with my friends!

Unfortunately, I think that mud runs get a bad rap.  So I thought it would be great to talk about some of the silliest reasons I’ve heard that people stay away from mud runs and try to debunk them once and for all!  I’m also going to tell you about a great opportunity to try an upcoming mud run, the Muckfest MS!

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Mud runs get a bad rap sometimes, but some of the arguments against them are just plain silly! Find out the truth on mud runs and learn how to sign up for the Muckfest MS for $7 off! More running resources at runwithnoregrets.com!

5 Silliest Mud Run Myths

The weather is getting warmer and mud run season is picking up again!  There are so many different types of mud run and obstacle course races available the participate in these days so I really think that there’s something for everyone.

But I’m sure you’ve heard, or maybe even stated a few reasons why mud runs are not worth the trouble!  Try to give mud runs a fair shot with a balanced review.  I’m going to go through 5 of the silliest myths I’ve heard that keep people away from these events and hopefully if you’re a doubter, you’ll be able to see things from a new perspective.

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#1 – You’ve Got to Be a Hardcore Athlete


Credit to Muckfest MS

If you’ve ever seen advertisements of obstacle course races and mud runs, you may think that that these types of events are catered to the military vet or Crossfit junkie who can easily cross greased monkey bars and climb steep mountains.  You also may have noticed OCR events that are so elite that there are opportunities to win  prize money and even seek corporate sponsorships.

But for every super competitive event, there are many more out there that are catered to participants of all ages, shapes and sizes from the weekend warrior to the fitness rookie.  While it’s a great idea to train for an upcoming mud run to be familiar with the types of obstacles you’ll encounter on the course, it’s not necessarily required if your goal is to finish and have fun!  Don’t be intimidated by some of the more serious athletes!

#2 – Your Clothes/Gear Will Get Ruined

If you’re running through mud, yes, your clothes will get dirty.  I think that’s pretty obvious!  But that doesn’t mean that your gear will be destroyed in the process!

There are a lot of great clothing that you can wear and even reuse for future mud run events.  I recommend wearing clothing that fit well and are NOT made of cotton so that you don’t have to worry about stretching out your clothes.  And if you have old running shoes that you don’t plan to wear again, these events are the perfect way to reuse them.  You can always make the effort to wash those dirty shoes, but most mud runs will donate them to the less fortunate.   Here’s a post I wrote with tips on how to survive your first mud run.

Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wear your fanciest gear to a mud run.  No Fitbit, Garmin, or GoPro unless you really want to take the risk of breaking or losing your valuables.  Not being able to know your finishing time at a mud run should not be a reason not to participate, but I’ve heard it before!

#3 – The Mud Will Make You Sick

Credit to Muckfest MS

Over the years, there have been a few reports that e. Coli contaminants (aka fecal bacteria) in mud have some given participants digestive problems due to accidental ingestion of mud.  That’s definitely not a laughing matter.

But it really is a perfect storm that is necessary in order for the same to happen to you.  I have completed 2 mud runs and I can tell you that I have never had a case of Montezuma’s revenge upon completing the events.  I was really paranoid about keeping my mouth closed for every obstacle and if mud got near my mouth, I made sure to immediately wipe it away with a wristband.

Here are some additional tips to avoid getting sick from a mud run:

  • Ensure that you’re healthy leading up to the event so you’re less susceptible to any bugs.
  • Thoroughly rinse off/wash up after your event.
  • If food or fluids are offered along the course, don’t try anything new if you have a sensitive GI system.

#4 – Mud Runs Are All About Profits

I’ve found it interesting that some of the more “fun” events like mud runs and color runs are criticized about being too expensive and more concerned with profits than providing a unique, fun experience.  And it’s true, that some mud runs are here today and gone tomorrow.

But the primary goal of a business is to make profits, right?  It’s the American way!  I believe that mud runs are no different from any other race that is put together, including road races.  It’s an opportunity to raise profits for different organizations in addition to a variety of charities.  As long as the money goes where it is promised, I don’t think there are any moral issues with mud runs.

If you’re leery about the sticker shock of these events, you can always do online searches for discounts and make sure that you’re signing up for a trusted brand that has had longevity and positive reviews.  Being a runner that has paid over $70 for a 10K with no medal, I just can’t take this reasoning seriously!

#5 – They’re Not For Serious Runners

False!!  As I stated in Myth #1, mud runs are for anyone and everyone.  I actually trained for several weeks for my last 10-mile event  and the biggest complaint that I heard from people along the way was that they couldn’t handle the running.

Being a runner can prepare you for the endurance needed for longer distance events.  Just because it’s not a pure race with a straightforward beginning, middle, and end, doesn’t mean that these events don’t provide a great value.  You could really be missing out on your next favorite thing!

Joining in Muckfest MS – a FUN Mud Run

I was so excited to be contacted by Muckfest MS to promote and participate in their annual mud run series!  The Muckfest MS is a 5K obstacle course with lots of mud and a focus on fun!  I’ll be participating in the event taking place in Philadelphia on Sunday, June 5!

While providing a great physical challenge, Muckfest MS also raises awareness and funds for the National MS Society which fights to end Multiple Sclerosis, affecting 2.3 million people worldwide.  It’s such a worthy cause that I’m happy to support.

Thanks to Muckfest MS, I am able to offer you $7 off registration using code SPORTY7 for any upcoming event, and there are several coming up all around the country!

And what’s included with your registration?

  • Race Bib
  • MuckFestival and Lil’ Muckers Admission
  • Muckfest MS T-Shirt
  • Free Beer
  • Free Race Photos
  • Free Parking (which is huge!!)

Hopefully, you’ll be able to participate in one of these Muckfest MS events!  Don’t let those silly myths about mud runs hold you back!

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Have you ever tried a mud run?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard about them?

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