Weekly Wrap: Approaching Memorial Day

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May 23

How was your week?  Did you do anything exciting?  Run any races?  This past week has been SO busy for me and things are going really well, but I’m still looking forward to vacation!

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Weekly Wrap – Another Busy Week

This has been a very busy week with work, travel, and a little bit of fitness.  While last week I was working out every single day, I just couldn’t keep up that intensity so I took a lot more rest than I initially anticipated.  Honestly, I think that it was for the best, and now I’m looking forward to doing a better job with my fitness this week!

Work Conference in DC

From Wednesday to Thursday of last week, I attended an industry conference in Washington, DC.  My boss offered to drive us down from Philly on Tuesday afternoon to try to beat the horrible DC traffic.  The purpose of the conference was to gather input from industry members and the public on how to efficiently update regulations related to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities.  The current regs reference several standards that have long since been updated, so it tends to cause some issues.

I was a little nervous about going since I’m so new to all of this but I’m glad I was able to attend.  There were a good amount of people that I already know and I learned a great deal from all of the presentations.

Another plus of attending was that I had some good conversations with my boss, and we are absolutely on the same page with the LNG project that I will be leading.  Yay!

#JJFit Ingredient Challenge

Sad to say, thanks to the conference and a general lack of planning, I was not able to do ANYTHING for the Ingredient Challenge, so I’m going to redeem myself and pick up some sweet potatoes for this week and get cooking!.  Fortunately, all is not lost as my sister is killing it and cooking some delicious meals every day!  I had some really horrible food at the Department of Transportation cafeteria and haven’t been feeling too well that past few days, so I’m really looking forward to cleaning things back up and getting back on track.

Here are a few recipes that I’m considering to make this week:

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Good News for Running

When I came back from my conference, I came home to a few packages from New Balance!  Because I was a Social Runner for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, we had the perks of getting swag from New Balance.  We were supposed to get our gear to use while training for the race over the winter but due to some delays, we didn’t get our first batch of stuff (a pair of running shoes and a pullover) until race weekend.  Now, I have an additional pair of New Balance shoes with a cute shirt and shorts.  I love the colors and can’t wait to test them out, hopefully this week!

I was also thrilled to find out that I’ve been selected as a Perfect 10 Miler Ambassador!  I had a blast working with the CGI racing team for the Love Run Half Marathon, so I look forward to doing my best spreading the word about the Perfect 10!  I do have a $5 off discount with PERFECT10JANELLE  and a post on why you should sign up and join me in October!

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 5/16:  We have a walking team at work challenge going on, so I walked with my teammates for one mile.  Then I had yoga class at lunch – we did a few different poses that stretched our feet and toes.  It was definitely a change of pace and showed some limitations I didn’t realize I have.  After work, we had our last boot camp class until July (so sad!). As usual, we did plenty of planks (with exercise balls), wall sits, and squats.  I’m really going to miss this workout!

Tuesday 5/17:  I was extremely sore after all those squats and upper body work!  But I didn’t get to work out because I was driving down to DC with my boss.  He was able to drop me off at my sister’s, so I hung out with her and had some T.G.I. Friday’s (aka happy hour) before she dropped me off at my brother’s place in Virginia.  When I went to bed, I crashed!

Wednesday 5/18:  Walking to and from the train station was really the only workout I had.  The conference made for a long day with a lot of sitting.  I was extremely tempted to go for a run when I got home but my brother and I hung out and had fun talking and laughing.  No regrets.

Thursday 5/19:  Last day of the conference and as soon as it ended, we were in the car heading back to Philly.  I ended up getting home after 6 pm.  The weather was great so I definitely should have gone for a run, but I’ve really got no good excuse.

Friday 5/20:  I spent the day catching up on a lot of things since it was my first Friday off in a few weeks.

Saturday 5/21:  I was supposed to attend a golf clinic with the Society of Women Engineers but it was postponed due to the rain forecast.  Bret and I went for a 3 mile run in the misty rain.  It was one of the worst runs I’ve had in ages!  I was slow, tired, and felt completely out of shape.  It didn’t give me much confidence about my race the following day!

Sunday 5/22:  The King of Prussia 10 Miler!  I’ll have a recap of the event on Tuesday, but what I can say is that there were lots of hills, I didn’t PR, and this will probably be a one-and-done race!

How was your past week?  Do you have special plans for Memorial Day weekend?

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