Philly Marathon Pre-Training Week 2 Recap

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Jun 20

How was your weekend?  It seems that the month of June is flying by quickly!  As each week passes, I get closer to official training for the Philly Marathon.  For now, I’m building up my mileage and keeping track of my progress each week!

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Weekly Wrap

This past week was such a blur since it was so busy!  The days at work have been long and full of meetings, and I went out a couple of nights after work.  On top of that, I’ve been packing, packing, packing…in just a few short days, the apartment life will be over!

Bowling with the Engineers


We have a Technical Association at work and they coordinated a bowling event on Wednesday at North Bowl, a fun spot that has great food and drinks.  We didn’t have a huge turnout, but we played a battle of the sexes and had fun beating the guys.  It was nice to have a couple of the engineering interns join us.  I’m not a great bowler, but I always seem to get in a good groove at North Bowl and I scored 111!  We made the guys do a ton of pushups to make up for their deficit, too bad I didn’t take a picture of that!

Networking with PHLBloggers


On Wednesday night, the PHLBloggers had a social event at The Baker’s Jar, an adorable bakery that has all kinds of varieties of cake made in mason jars!  There were so many to choose from, but I went with carrot cake, which was really good!  I was so glad to attend the event because these ladies are so FUN to talk to!  I even met a fellow blogger, Njeri, who had questions about running, and it was great to feel like I was providing helpful information!

Packing for the Move

It’s hard to believe that I’m finally coming upon closing day with our new home!  Of course, the hardest part of moving is packing, and it has been SO stressful for the past couple weeks.  I have been pretty grumpy about the whole thing and not the easiest to be around, but most of the hard work is done.  We were able to take a lot of stuff to Goodwill over the weekend, which helped declutter, but I still have a lot of paperwork and toiletries to go through!   My biggest source of stress is deciding whether I will get my sectional disassembled again or try someone to hoist it down from the 3rd floor.  Either way, it won’t be cheap.

My sister was actually in town for a few days for a work conference and stayed with us.  I was able to drive her over to the house, but she wanted to get a little bit too close to the action.  We ended up going near the steps so she could take some pictures and before I knew it, the sellers were pulling up so I scurried away!  I’m so awkward sometimes, lol.

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 6/13:  I had boot camp class after work and Vince really worked us out!  We used dumbbells most of the time, doing squats, lunges, and lots of curls.  And of course, we worked our core at the end!  When I got home, I went for a 3-mile run.  I kept it very slow and thankfully had no calf pain!

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Tuesday 6/14:  Softball game.  Bret finally came out to see a game since we played at 7 pm.  We easily beat the other team and I had fun running the bases!  I’m pretty awful in the outfield though, lol!  Bret gave me some pointers on my hitting, and since we have playoffs coming up, I want to get to the cages and practice my swing!  It would be awesome if we won the league this year.

Wednesday 6/15:  I went for a run at 5:30 in the morning before work!  The plan was to run 5 miles and 6 strides but I only had enough time to do 4.35 miles and 4 strides, but I was happy with that!  I did the Sabre Warmup from Strength Running, which is only supposed to take 10 minutes and took me at least 15!  I was really surprised with how my body felt on this run – a nice slow start and I just kept going faster!  Great way to start the day, I guess the warmup worked!

Thursday 6/16:  Full rest day!

Friday 6/17:  I spent most of the day packing for the move, so I didn’t go for a run.

Saturday 6/18:  We went for a run with the Running Club, just a little bit under 5 miles.  We were celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the Running Club that I started up at work.  Unfortunately, only one of my coworkers was able to join Bret and me.  We had a good run, I just wish we had more people!

Sunday 6/19:  I finally went for my first long run since the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon, 9 miles.  I did the Sabre warmup from Strength Running then headed out a little later than I planned.  While my legs felt fine despite some soreness in my right knee, I was surprised at how I felt so out of breath and overheated!  I made sure to walk whenever I took water and took advantage of the little shade I had on the trail.  It was in the low 80’s but felt like it was pushing 90 degrees!

Week 2 Report Card:

After having a very disappointing week 1 of marathon pre-training, I am so pleased with my progress this week!  While I still want to get up to running 5 days a week, all of my runs were quality and that calf pain is history!  Listening to your body is SO important.  I’m glad that I took those days of rest because clearly my body needed it.

However, I do need to do a better job of being consistent with my additional workouts.  When I complete a run, sometimes I’m too tired to work on my core or my lower body, but I have to make it a routine!  I’m optimistic that I can turn things around this coming week!

How was your week?  How has your running been going in the heat?

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