Weekly Wrap: Pre-Marathon Training Week 1

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Jun 13

How was your weekend?  Can you believe that we’re approaching mid-June already?

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Kicking off Pre-Marathon Training

This past week was the start of my pre-marathon training plan!  As I mentioned in my goals for June, I am building up my mileage in the months of June and July in order to be ready to go when training for the Philly Marathon begins in August!

I’ll be following a training plan from Strength Running that incorporates injury prevention exercises (such as squats, lunges, and balancing exercises) and will get me back to being a consistent runner. I’ve run so many races these past few months, but now it’s time to get  back into training mode!


Not off to the strongest start…

Unfortunately, the start of my pre-marathon training didn’t go as planned…not even close.  What was supposed to kick off with 24 miles of running ended with only about 9.5 miles.  After finishing out my racing season at the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon, then following it up with the Muckfest MS the next day (recap on the way!), my lower body was finished, especially my calves.  Sadly, week 1 started with a whimper instead of a bang, but I’m glad that I didn’t push myself beyond my limits.  I do not want to start marathon training with an injury!

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 6/6:  My body was feeling pretty sore from the previous weekend’s events, but I still made it to yoga class!  Then I went for an “easy” 3-mile run followed by strides.  One mile in, my left calf hurt so badly that I had to start walking.  It ended up taking me well over 40 minutes to run/walk 3 miles.  I foam rolled after the run, but my calves were still very unhappy.  I was so disappointed.

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Tuesday 6/7:  I foam rolled my legs in the morning and stretched my calves, using the day for rest.

Wednesday 6/8:  Now my right calf was in terrible pain!  I was really tempted to go for a run but I decided against it.  Full rest day and wearing compression socks.

Thursday 6/9:  My last core and more class until September.  We used an exercise ball to do all kinds of crunches and planks.  It was really challenging! In the evening we had softball.  Unfortunately, we only had 5 people show up so we had to forfeit.  We played anyway and beat the other team, but it didn’t count!  The little running I did at softball caused no pain.

Friday 6/10:  I thought I was finally ready to try running again.  I went for 2 miles on the treadmill at work and thankfully had no issues.  I also used the opportunity to try out my new Aftershokz wireless headphones, and they are great!

Saturday 6/11:  The running club I founded at work went for a run for the first time in SEVERAL months!  We went for about 4.5 miles and unfortunately, my calves were up to no good again.  I had to stop maybe 1.5 miles in to stretch.  I was wearing my orange New Balances so I’m wondering if they may not be the right shoes for me…sigh, not fun.

Sunday 6/12:  I didn’t want to push things so I didn’t work out.  I did plan to do some strengthening exercises but was too busy dealing with preparations for the move.


Testing out the Aftershokz wireless headphones!

How was your past week?  Have you started training for fall races yet?  

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