How to Track Goals With the Believe Training Journal

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Jul 06

How do you keep track of your running and fitness goals?

I’m really enjoying using the Believe Training Journal!  It’s a great way to keep my workouts, progress, and overall thoughts on training in one place.  Sure, I have my blog to do that, but there’s nothing quite like taking pen to paper!

After using it for a month, I’m sharing my review of the Believe Training Journal and how it can help you keep track of your running goals.
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Believe Training Journal Review

Thanks to being a Rock ‘N Roll Race Series Rock ‘N Blogger, I had the opportunity to receive the Believe Training Journal for free.  As always, know that this review is all from my personal point of view!

The Believe Training Journal was created by Lauren Fleshman (“Lo”) and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas (“Ro”), 2 badass elite runners.  Through this journal, they have found a way to inspire runners to stay motivated to reach their goals, myself included!

I started using the Believe Training Journal in the month of June.  I was kicking off my base building to prepare for Philadelphia Marathon training and thought it was the perfect time to really track my progress.  The journal is good for a full year and you can start using it at any time.  There are several worksheets inside that will help you get organized, focused on your goals, and really learn about yourself as a runner.

Apparently I'm pretty much a warrior AND a worrier!

Apparently I’m pretty much a warrior AND a worrier!

Using the Believe Training Journal

It was really easy to get going with this journal.  I set up my weeks starting on Mondays and ending on Sundays.  Each week, you’re prompted with a question to make you think about your goals and how you plan to get them done.  You have space to write your workouts, mileage, and assess how you felt that day – I decided to use smiley faces!  There are even example entries from Lo and Ro provided to help you get started.  I have to admit, it’s pretty cool to see what an elite athlete considers as a typical or “easy” workout!

One of my weekly workouts

There are a lot of extra sections in this journal, including different running workouts, nutrition discussion, and a lot more.  Over time, I’ll see if I utilize the whole journal or only focus on specific sections.

Why Journaling Works

It’s been said that writing down your goals make them more concrete.  Runner’s World has a great article about the benefits of keeping a journal.  I can already see that as I log my runs and workouts each day, I’m learning more about myself, what I do well and where I struggle.  I can be completely honest with how I’m doing and notice trends along the way.

Using this journal has been great!  While I love writing about my workouts on the blog, it’s so much easier to flip a few pages through the journal.  A few weeks ago, I had a very unfamiliar pain in my right knee.  Thanks to the Believe Training Journal, I was able to pinpoint that I first felt that pain on Global Running Day when I ran with City Fit Girls.

If you like to keep track of every detail when it comes to your workouts, this is the journal for you!  You have plenty of space to write it all down, so take advantage!

How Can You Get One?

My reflections on progress in June

My reflections on progress in June

You can buy the Believe Training Journal for $18.95 online – there are different colors you can choose from too!  I can see why so many people use this journal; I’m really loving it!  I can’t wait to use the journal to document the training of my very first marathon!

June Running Goal Recap

Last month, I shared my June running goals on the blog, and I think it was a great way to hold myself accountable. I wish I could say things went perfectly, but I tried my best!

  • Make the most of my Believe Training Journal.  Grade:  A!  I have been using it every day and putting in all the details, as you can see above!  I’m glad it’s becoming part of my routine.
  • Use a Beginner 1/2 Marathon Training Plan from Strength Running.  Grade:  B-.  I’ve been using this training plan, but I haven’t always done the exact mileage prescribed.  I’ve done a pretty good job of completing my warmups, so I’m really happy about that!
  • Consistently run 4 days a week.  Grade:  F.  I have tried really hard to run 4 days a week but I only made it happen one week in June.  I had some injury issues that required rest, so I don’t fully regret that failure.
  • Do injury prevention exercises weekly!  Grade:  B.  I’m doing okay with this but I can do a LOT better.  The Stick and the foam roller haven’t been getting as much attention as they should these past couple of weeks.

July Running Goals

With all that said, I’m looking forward to having a much stronger July.  Here are my new running goals for the month:My-July-Running-Goals

  • Do a morning weekday run at least once a week.  I really enjoyed getting in my early morning runs back in June.  Now that I’m in a new neighborhood, I need to figure out the safest route to do so!
  • Continue using the 1/2 Marathon Training Plan from Strength Running.  Even though I’m not following it perfectly, it’s still a great guide as I ease my way to marathon training.
  • Consistently run 4 days a week. More than anything, I need to get in my long runs every weekend!
  • Do planks, squats, and lunges daily.  I plan to do 1-minute planks each day and my sister sent me a 30-day challenge with pushups, squats, situps, and lunges.  I want to focus on the planks, squats and lunges because they need the most work right now!

What are your running goals for July?  Do you use the Believe Training Journal or a similar method to log your training? 

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