Philly Marathon Pre-Training Week 8 and July Running Goal Recap

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Aug 01

Can you believe we’re at a new month?  August is here! The best thing about it is being able to essentially “start over” with new goals.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect either because this week begins the kickoff of training for the Philly Marathon!

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July Running Goal Recap

Well, July turned out to be a pretty interesting month…between the awful weather and traveling, I seemed to leave my running goals by the wayside.  Still, I did the best I could on the runs that I did complete, and over the month I improved to a monthly total of 70.9 miles vs. 59.5 miles in June.  So these were my goals for July:

  • Do a morning weekday run at least once a week.  Grade: A!  I’m really happy that I’ve become more comfortable with running in the mornings before work and can easily get in a solid 3 miles.  Now if I could get 4 miles in before 6:30 am I’d be doing great!
  • Continue using the 1/2 Marathon Training Plan from Strength Running.  Grade:  F.  At some point in July, I completely abandoned using the training plan.  I did do some of the non-running workouts, but not nearly enough.
  • Consistently run 4 days a week.  Grade:  F.   I only had 2 weeks in the month where I ran 4 days a week…oops.
  • Do planks, squats, and lunges daily.  Grade:  F.  Oh boy, I really failed on this one.  I did lunges every day that I ran, but only planked when I could remember and rarely did my squats!

August Running Goals

Now that it’s a new month, it’s time to move forward and reset my goals.  Since I’m now in full training mode, it’ll be more important than ever to stick to my fitness goals so that I’m in the best condition for marathon training!

My August Running Goals

  • Follow Coach Kristy’s marathon training plan to a tee.  I crave structure and I’m so glad to be working with Kristy again!  I’m starting out with 3 days a week of running but will move up to 4 days a week.
  • Run with some new running groups.  I promised that the Running Club Roundup would return soon and this month, I really want to put myself out there!  I’ve got my eye on the Wissahickon Wanderers and the Pennypack Trail Runners.  Even the November Project would be fun!
  • Hit the track for my speed work.  The only way I can run a flat surface is either on the treadmill or on the track.  It’s time to fight those high school demons and do my speed work at the local track!  I’ve got no excuses!
  • Do planks, squats, and lunges 3 times a week.  I need to get a little bit more realistic with this goal.  This should be much more manageable.

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 7/25:  I was all set to run in the morning and we ended up having a crazy thunderstorm around 5:00 am.  Then when I planned to run in the evening, we had another thunderstorm!  Not to totally waste the day, I did a core workout and a 1-minute plank.

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Tuesday 7/26:  No running…I was exhausted by the time I got home and made dinner.

Wednesday 7/27:  Back to the early morning run!  I went a little farther on my out-and-back than usual, and I almost ended up getting hit by a car because I was running on the street at a dangerous part of the road – totally my fault.  In any event, the humidity wasn’t bad and I had a very comfortable 3-mile run.

Thursday 7/28:  I went for another morning run for 3 miles.  I felt really good, but my hamstrings were a little sore from the previous day’s run.  Before bed, I did a 1-minute plank, some clamshells, and leg raises.

Friday 7/29:  No running, but I did a lot of walking around as I did some shopping for the house.

Saturday 7/30:  Time for the long run!  I went for 8 miles, most of them on Forbidden Drive.  I was able to run with my friend Tom for the first time in a LONG time.  He’s training for the Marine Corps Marathon, so I think we’ll finally be out on the trail together more often.  This run started off great, but the humidity really got to me by the end.  I also forgot to take my Clif Shot Bloks, so I think using fuel would have made the last few miles much more tolerable!

Sunday 7/31:  Rest day.  We spent some time in the morning cutting down the overgrown ivy from the front of our house.  In the evening, I did do a 1-minute plank.  They still don’t seem to be getting easier!

Marathon Pre-Training Report Card:

This marks the end of my “pre-training” for the Philly Marathon.  While I didn’t hit those 25 miles a week that I intended to, I’m proud of the work I put in to prepare for the real deal.

Training in the summer definitely has its challenges.  Add in a few vacations, some stormy weather, and an injury scare, and you may not get to run as often as you anticipate.  Not to mention we’ve had an extremely hot and humid summer!  And I bought a house, haha.  I truly believe that making the most of the runs you do complete is what matters the most!   I’m just glad I’ve been able to do what I can.

I’m really excited to start sharing recaps of training for my very first marathon!  This means so much to me and I’m grateful to have an audience willing to follow my journey each week.  I will give my overall pre-training a grade of B-.  I think these last 2 weeks went really well and it’s going to be quite an adventure until November 20!

What are your running goals for August?

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