Philly Marathon Training Week 2 Recap

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Aug 15

How was your weekend?  Did you have crazy hot temperatures like we did in Philly?  If you found some time to hang out in a swimming pool, I envy you…

I’m now heading into my third week of marathon training…and yes, saying that I’m training for a marathon hasn’t gotten old yet!  The summer heat and humidity continue to make things really tough, but I’m still pushing through…

Every Monday over the next several weeks, I’m sharing my marathon training recap and giving a report card for each week!

I’m joining in the Weekly Wrap with Holly and Tricia where women share their health and fitness activities, successes and challenges!

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I'm training for my very first marathon, the Philly Marathon! Check out my weekly recap of my running and working out and find more running tips at!

Weekly Wrap:  Olympics and Block Party

Olympics Inspiration

I’ve really been enjoying the Olympics this year and have lost quite a few hours of sleep trying to enjoy as much of it as I can!  It’s been fascinating to see how certain athletes have completely dominated their competition:  Katie Ledesky, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles.  When you’ve got IT, you’ve got it!

And being a Black woman, it has been extremely inspiring to see my fellow sisters win gold in their sports and make history like Simone Manuel for swimming and             , Michelle Carter for shot put!  Congratulations to them!

On top of that, have you seen the bodies on some of these athletes?!  I’ve definitely been inspired to work a little bit harder on my fitness!

Weekend Block Party

Much to my surprise, the block right behind our house was hosting its annual block party on Saturday afternoon and we were invited!  We’ve been in our house for less than 2 months, and unlike Bret, I really hadn’t met too many people in the neighborhood.  So I was excited to finally get to meet the neighbors!

They really did a great job!  There was a ton of delicious food and the drinks kept flowing, including the alcoholic variety!  It was SUCH a hot day, but we still had a really fun time hanging out.  There are a few couples that aren’t far from our age bracket so that was definitely nice.  We even found a neighbor likes to throw Halloween parties, so I’m excited about that!

Oh, and they even had free massages at the block party.  I took advantage and had an amazing massage – my hamstrings and calves thanked me!

Really tasty food at the Block Party!

Really tasty food at the Block Party!

Philly Marathon Training Week 2:

Monday 8/8:  Rest day.

Tuesday 8/9:  Fartlek workout totaling 5 miles..this didn’t go so well.  I was supposed to do my fartleks at an 8:50 and 9:10 pace.  With the humidity and heat, it was just impossible for me to get to that pace.  But even worse, I went on a random route in the neighborhood and had no idea where I was going.  Next time, I’m going straight to the track to handle this type of run.

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Wednesday 8/10:  HIIT Barre class at a nearby studio.  I’ve taken a few barre classes over the past few years, but not with any regularity.  This class was even more intense with various breaks of high-intensity workouts like burpees, plank moves, and plyometrics.  Ironically, it was the traditional barre moves that were the toughest for me!  My hips were crying! I signed up for a monthly membership for barre and yoga, so I look forward to the challenge!

Thursday 8/11:  Rest day.

Friday 8/12:  Did an easy 3 miles before work.  Nothing special about this run – it went by in a blur since I was in a rush!  After work, I did a 1-minute plank, 10 pushups, and some clamshells.

Saturday 8/13:  Long run, 11 miles.  It was absolutely miserable. There were so many times when I wondered if I’d even be able to finish.  The real feel outside was around 110 degrees.  It was extremely slow, but I’m glad that I got it done.

Sunday 8/14:  Kept things nice and easy with 30 squats, a 1-minute plank, and 10 pushups.

Week 2 Report Card:

None of my training runs left me with a smile on my face this week.  Week 2 really kicked my butt.  My confidence took quite the beating as I continued to struggle with running in the humidity.  At the same time, I refuse to take it indoors as long as I can avoid it.

The good thing about Week 2 though is that just about every day I did some kind of exercise.  The planks seem to finally be getting easier, and I’m glad that I added pushups to the routine.  My consistency has definitely improved.  I’m also excited about adding yoga and barre to the mix.  I hope to go to class twice a week, but this week will be tough since I’ll be celebrating my birthday!

I’m going to give this past week a B.  I really hope that Week 3 goes a lot better and my 8-miler doesn’t take too long to complete!

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How were your workouts this past week?  What’s your favorite fitness class?  

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