Runfessions – August 2016

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Aug 26

How have you been?  You may notice that the site looks a little different – a few days ago, my site decided to crash and I had to remove my old theme on WordPress due to the latest system update.  At least I think that was the cause – even Bluehost shut me down and I had to get things worked out with them.  Needless to say, I see a redesign in the near future!

Since it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time for more Runfessions with Marcia!  This is where I dedicate a litle time to some of the crazy things going on with running, working out, and eating healthy.

I’m also joining Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the Friday Five – the theme this week is free, so everyone will have some fun and interesting posts to enjoy!

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Every month I share my runfessions aka running confessions! Time to vent!


Runfessions – August 2016


FitRetreat Kicked My Butt!

Last weekend, City Fit Girls hosted their annual FitRetreat.  It was my third year going and I had a great time!  I’m still working on the recap, but what I will say now is that I was in pain for DAYS thanks to the workouts I participated in!  My calves, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, and abs were so sore!  While I had other plans, as soon as FitRetreat was over, I went home and crashed – I usually take a nap after long runs, but this nap was over 2 hours!

Now that I’m in my 30’s, am I feeling the effects of getting older??

I’ve Had a Terrible Sweet Tooth Lately!

Ever since my birthday and the amazing cake and ice cream, I’ve been going a little overboard with the sweets!  I went to the mall the other day and they had a huge candy setup that was impossible to resist.  I ended up buying a variety of very sour candies that make Sour Patch Kids seem bland in comparison!

I know I need to clean things up, but I just bought 2 big bags of Twizzlers….lol!  Thankfully, I’ve been using PlateJoy for my meals and we’ve really enjoyed the recipes so far.  It’s all about balance, right?!

I’m Back on the FitBit, But…

I had some technical difficulties with my last FitBit that decided that it no longer needed to keep a charge.  And yes, it was the FitBit Charge….go figure.  After dealing with that for almost a month, I was finally able to get a replacement, but this time, I was given the FitBit Alta.

I like the Alta, especially with its slimmer design, and I’m really happy to be able to track my steps again.  I’ve been inspired to park my car even farther away in the parking lot at work, but I think I’m a little bit jaded now because I”m waiting for this one to stop charging or fall apart like the others did.  When I pay over $100 for something, I expect it to last more than a few months, but the quality just isn’t there.

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So thanks to that recurring issue, I’m having trouble investing in this product, which is really annoying.  I don’t even do many challenges anymore.  Hopefully, I’ll get back in the groove!

I Feel Behind in My Marathon Training

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my weekly recaps for marathon training!  It has already been quite the journey and I’m proud of everything I’ve been able to do so far.It’s completely irrational, but my mileage doesn’t seem to be as high as others who are training for the Philly Marathon.

It’s completely irrational, but my mileage doesn’t seem to be as high as others who are training for the Philly Marathon.

At this point in the game, my farthest run has only been 11 miles.  I’ll be doing 12 miles this weekend, then 14 miles(!) the next weekend.  And on top of that, I’m only running only 3 days a week.  At some point I’m supposed to get to 4 days, but not for a few more weeks.

I’m working with Coach Kristy once again, and once again, I have to trust the process.  This is my first marathon and I shouldn’t be trying to kill myself out there.  I’m doing great on the runs that I’m doing, I’m cross training every week, and I’m hitting the foam roller.  I’ve been much more disciplined this training cycle than ever before, so clearly I’m doing something right.

But still, I can’t help but feel like I should be doing more…November isn’t that far away…

I Think I May Miss the Crazy Heat and Humidity

One of my less sweaty selfies

One of my less sweaty selfies

No that is not a typo!  Isn’t it ironic?  I’ve been complaining about the ridiculous summer heat all this time – and we had well over 30 days this summer over 90 degrees.  Now I’m a little sad that things are cooling down as we enter September.  I guess I was getting used to the misery after all!

The summer is my least favorite season running by far – everybody’s out so it’s more crowded, it’s HOT, and this year, the humidity was just torturous!  But through that process, I’ve realized that I feel pretty badass knowing that I’m able to run several miles in these conditions.  It was mentally and physically challenging!  Call me crazy, but I think I’m going to miss that!

What runfessions do you have to share for this past month?

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