Throwback Thursday Running Playlist: Female Groups

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | music

Aug 11

Do you listen to music while working out or going on a run?  It’s become clear to me that I really can’t live without it!

I’ve fallen in love with my Spotify account and I’ve enjoyed being able to create my own playlists, especially since I have a paid subscription and can listen with no ads!

So in honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought it would be a great idea to share my love for music (and nostalgia) and each month, share a new music playlist with some great throwback hits!  This first edition of Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the ladies – female groups that are all about Girl Power!

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Throwback Thursday Running Playlist: Girl Power

Do you use Spotify to listen to music while running or working out?  I use it while running, and what I love about Spotify is that I can enjoy all of my favorite songs from back in the day.  I can create playlists, save them on my phone and go for a run without worrying about draining my battery.

Growing up, I was really into pop music, and being a kid of the 90’s, we had a lot of great music to listen to, especially female groups!

I loved TLC and Salt-N-Pepa; they were so unapologetic with their lyrics of female empowerment.  I also enjoyed the hits from some of the R&B groups like En Vogue, Total, and SWV.  And of course, around the year 2000, we had SO many fun pop groups to choose from like 3LW and Blaque.

My very first Throwback Thursday Running Playlist features all of these great groups and more!  I really enjoyed making this playlist dedicated to the empowering female groups from back in the day!

So hit shuffle on the Girl Power Running Playlist below and go back in time!  Hopefully, you like a few of my picks and add this playlist to your Spotify account!

Featured Artists:  Female Groups

If you need some girl power on your music playlist, check out these throwback hits from some great groups like Destiny's Child and TLC!  Find more running playlists at!

Destiny’s Child – It’s funny how many of their songs ended up my list!  No matter what you may think of Beyonce (I actually don’t think she’s a god), these ladies had some great songs for a few years!

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Salt-N-Pepa – the icons!  I know I didn’t know what a lot of their lyrics meant when they were out…lol!  And they’re still making music 30 years later!

En Vogue – Such a great group and had some amazing songs!

TLC – I remember when No Scrubs came out and everyone would sing it on the school bus.  So many memories!  RIP Lisa Lopes.

3LW – I was a big fan of 3LW!  I was around the same age they were so I probably thought I could have been the fourth member, haha!

702Where My Girls At was a great anthem!  I thought they were really underrated!

Blaque – I really, really liked this group.  I think some people thought they were a copycat of TLC, but they had their own style.

Dream – does anyone else remember them…one of Diddy’s making the bands that didn’t quite make it?  I wonder what happened to them!  I had to show them some love

Danity Kane – The funny thing is that I remember this group more for their drama than their music.  Damaged was my jam though!

The Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha was such a huge hit a few years ago.  So I have to give them props!

Spice Girls – I knew a girl that was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls back in ’98.  I wasn’t as crazy about them back in the day, but they had some good jams and is the biggest girl group of all time!

This the first playlist of many that I’ll be sharing on the blog that I hope you’ll enjoy for some musical inspiration while on the run!  I’m showing love to the Boy Bands in September, so stay tuned!

I’m sharing my playlist with Angela and Ilka for Sunday Fitness and Food linkups!

Which song is your favorite on this playlist?  What other songs would you add to the list? 

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