Philly Marathon Training Week 5 and August Monthly Goal Recap

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Sep 05

Are you responsible for it already being September?  How did this happen?!  In any event, I hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend, whether you’re on the grill or at the beach!

Looking back on the past month, I had a really great August.  I’m happy with how my training for the Philly marathon has progressed so far, and I hope to keep things moving in a positive direction.  Now that we’re starting a new month, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the previous month’s goals and think about what’s next!

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August Running Goal Recap

I think that August turned out to be a great month for working out!  I joined a studio for yoga and barre, I’ve been doing a lot more foam rolling and stretching than I usually do, and I think the planks and hills are making me stronger!  Marathon training has had a strong start, and I’m looking forward to kicking things up a notch in September.  My monthly mileage for August was about 77 miles, a slight increase from July.  As a reminder, these were my goals for August:

  • Follow Coach Kristy’s marathon training plan to a tee.  Grade:  A!  I have been doing a great job so far of following the training plan for the Philly Marathon.  I haven’t missed a single run!
  • Run with some new running groups.  Grade:  F.  I didn’t run with any running groups in August.  I can’t even really think of a good excuse, but I still need to check out the groups in my new neighborhood.
  • Hit the track for my speed work.  Grade:  A!  I had one track workout on my training plan this past month and it was thrilling to be out there running fast for the first time in over 10 years!
  • Do planks, squats, and lunges 3 times a week.   Grade: B.  I was doing really great with this goal at the beginning of the month, but I really fell off on regular squats and planks, especially after the City Fit Girls FitRetreat.  

September Running GoalsSharing my running goals for September!

  • Clean up my eating habits.  I have been eating terribly the past several weeks.  Way too much candy, not enough veggies.  I know that this impacts my running, so it’s time to clean it up!  Continuing to use PlateJoy for my meal planning will also help me avoid spending money for lunch.   I’m also thinking of eliminating alcohol or at least significantly reducing my weekly intake.  That’ll mean fewer pumpkin beers for me!
  • Do yoga and/or barre at least once a week.  Having a yoga and barre studio right near my house is so convenient!  Both activities are very complementary for runners, so I want to make them a habit!   I don’t want to be too ambitious with this one because I will start running 4 days a week this month.
  • Continue planks, squats, and lunges 3 times a week.  I think this was a great goal for August and I want to keep it going!  Specifically, I want to hold longer planks and do more squats throughout the week, since I seem to neglect them the most.  My knees have been a little grumpy on my long runs, so I’m hoping that doing more squats will help!
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Week 5 Training Recap:

Monday 8/29:  Rest day after Sunday’s 12-mile run.  I was going to take a yoga class in the evening but decided against it.

Tuesday 8/30:  Hill repeats!  This was a really tough run.  While it was the exact same workout as 2 weeks prior, this felt 1,000 times tougher.  I just didn’t have the strength or endurance to run up the hills quickly and my shins and calves were not happy in the process.

Wednesday 8/31:  No workouts.  My calves were killing me all day so I wore compression and took it easy.

Thursday 9/1: I started out the day with a 1.5-minute plank.  I’m going to start doing longer planks moving forward to keep challenging myself!  In the afternoon, I went for a very, very easy 3 mile run on the treadmill.  I kept it super slow so that I didn’t aggravate my calves and shins that were still pretty sore.  Then when I got home, I went to barre class!  I ended up having a solo session, and it was TOUGH, but I did my best!

Friday 9/2:  I didn’t do any workouts.  I did help Bret with his project building a retaining wall on our front lawn.  40-pound bricks?  No problem…my back would say something different!

Saturday 9/3:  The big run:  14 miles, my longest run EVER.  And I did it solo.  I was still really nervous about my calves, but overall they didn’t cause too many problems.  My right shin still is a nuisance, and at some point my left knee was uncomfortable, but I had a very consistent run and felt good!  I really couldn’t believe it!  Now afterward my hips felt sooo sore, but I’m feeling fine a couple of days later!  I was really proud of this run.

Sunday 9/4:  I did some walking in the neighborhood and some more work on building the wall out front.  It’s now almost done – just need to top it off!  Bret and his mom did a really great job!

Still smiling after a really rough hill run

Still smiling after a really rough hill run

Week 5 Report Card:

I am so happy with how this past week of training turned out.  I was really nervous because of my calf tightness – I have had this happen before back in early July and at that time I had to take some extended rest days.  Thankfully, this time around, I was still able to get in all of my runs, though I did make some modifications.

I’m also happy that I went to barre class – I was pretty nervous and considered bailing, but I ended up having a great workout.  My hope is that the more often I go, the easier it will get.  My hips definitely need the personal attention!

So with all of that said, I’m giving Week 5 an A!  I know I still have a long way to go, but marathon training right now is going really well, and I plan to keep it that way!

What are your fitness goals for September?  

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