Runfessions – September 2016

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Sep 30

How have you enjoyed keeping fit in September?  I’m still in disbelief that the month is coming to an end!

Since it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time for more Runfessions with Marcia!  This is where I dedicate a little time to some of the crazy things going on with running, working out, and eating healthy.

I’m also joining Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the Friday Five – the theme this week is free, so everyone will have some great posts to enjoy!

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Every month I share my runfessions aka running confessions! Time to vent!

Runfessions – September 2016

Yoga Is Starting to Become a Thing

Over the last month or so, I’ve spent a lot of time in the yoga studio…and I’m loving it!  I have always enjoyed yoga but struggled with consistency.   Now that I have a studio literally around the corner from me, there’s no reason not to go to yoga!  It’s a small space but everyone is really friendly, and I’m starting to feel like one of the regulars.

Lunchtime yoga is back for the next 8 weeks so I’m really excited about that too.  It looks like we’re going to have a really small class, but I like it that way.

I still sometimes think that I don’t “look” like a yogi, but hey…I’m doing my thing and that’s all that matters!  As a runner, I’m really feeling the benefits of yoga in strengthening my hips, gradually improving my balance, and building core strength!  But on a deeper level, I love the way that I feel when I get out of class.  There really is a sense of ease and a huge weight lifted.  I try to carry that with me for the rest of the day…but it’s not always easy!

I’m An Ambassador for the 2017 Love Run Half Marathon!

Some of the 2016 Love Run Ambassadors

Some of the 2016 Love Run Ambassadors

I’m so excited to once again serve as an ambassador for the Love Run!  This past year was my first time running the race – I ran the half marathon relay.  This year, I’ll be finally running the half.  The race is back in its normal time of late March, so the weather will probably suck…but I’m still really looking forward to it.  I hope to do as good of a job as I did last year as an ambassador so that I can do more race giveaways on the blog – always fun!  Prices are going up after October 1, so use code JANELLELOVE to get $5 off registration!  

I Like Girl Power Better Than Boy Bands

Confused?  I’m talking about my Throwback Thursday Running Playlists!  I have listened to my Girl Power and Boy Bands playlists while on the run over the past month and I can say without a doubt that I definitely prefer my ladies!  While I practically worshiped *NSYNC back in the day, some of the other boy bands just didn’t have as much of an impact me, even though I did enjoy their songs.  But listening to TLC, Destiny’s Child, and 3LW really take me back….I can’t resist some female empowerment!  What type of playlist should I create next?

I Somewhat Miss Running on Kelly Drive…

I used to run on Kelly Drive, the popular running trail in Philly, several times a week.  But once I moved to my house, I had to say goodbye!  Now, I’m realizing how much I missed having Kelly Drive as a “flat” place to run.  My current hood is extremely hilly, which is great, but not the best when I’m trying to do training runs at marathon goal pace.  So last week I took a short drive so I could run on Kelly Drive and MLK Drive and over the East Falls Bridge.  It was nice to be back and be able to know exactly where I’m running.  It also didn’t hurt that I had a strong run too!  So I may have to head back to Kelly Drive once in awhile…for training sake!

Wild Animals Have Been Freaking Me Out!

Okay, here’s my last runfession…running in my neighborhood has been great, but I continue to get freaked out by the wildlife!  Late on a Saturday afternoon a few weekends ago, I went on a trail by myself and was frightened by a deer galloping off in the distance!  I also had a run on a residential street where a fox appeared out of the bushes.  The last encounter I had with an animal, I was running in the evening by myself…there was also a couple doing some power walking, which made me feel a lot safer.  I had the sneaking suspicion that I’d end up seeing a wild animal, and I did…a giant bullfrog or toad on the sidewalk!  I was running around a cul-de-sac and there it was!  I’m really feeling like I live in suburbia!  Are there any animals that you see while running?  Which ones should I be worried about?

What runfessions do you have to share from this past month?  

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