Philly Marathon Training Week 12 Recap

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Oct 24

Are we really 4 weeks into October?  It seems like this month is flying by too!

Special hello to my Grow Your Blog Hop visitors!  I’m very excited to be featured today and hope you get to know me a little bit better!  I participated in the blog hop last year and wrote a post introducing who I am if you’d like to check it out!  In that post, I dig a little deeper and talk about my running journey and the reason that I created Run With No Regrets.

Today is Monday and every Monday I share a recap of the previous week’s race training.  I’m currently training for the Philadelphia Marathon that’s taking place on November 20.  While I’ve been running long distance for over 5 years, this will be my very first marathon, so it’s been a very exciting adventure!

I’m linking up with Tricia and HoHo for the Weekly Wrap.  Dozens of women participate and share their successes and trials in the world of fitness and healthy living.  Be sure to check it out!

I'm featured today for the Grow Your Blog Hop and recapping another week of marathon training! #runchat Share on X

I'm training for my very first marathon, the Philly Marathon! Check out my weekly recap of my running and working out and find more running tips at!

Weekly Wrap: Gavin DeGraw Concert

Last Wednesday I went to the Gavin DeGraw concert being held at The Fillmore in Philly.  It was probably the first time I’ve been to a concert in years, and I was really excited about this one because I’ve been a fan of Gavin’s for years and have never heard him sing live!  My boyfriend was a good sport coming to the concert with me, and I think he eventually started to have a good time!

The show was opened by Wrabel and Andy Grammer.  We were in the bar area while Wrabel was performing but he sounded good.  Andy Grammer put on a great show too, and I was nervous that he was going to outshine Gavin, but nope!  Gavin got all the love and the concert seemed like a big sing-a-long!  It was a lot more high-energy than I anticipated, with a couple of covers thrown in.  I had a really great time!

 Week 12 Training Recap:

Monday 10/17:  Lunchtime yoga.  I had some trouble with my shoulders getting in proper alignment in poses like trikonasana (triangle pose) so the instructor helped me out, but it was pretty painful on my right side.  She thinks I need to do some strengthening workouts so that I do a better job keeping my shoulders back.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Tuesday 10/18:  6 mile run at marathon pace.  The progression was 1/2 mile warmup, then 1 mile @ 11:15, 1 mile @ 11:00, 2 miles @10:45, 1 mile @ 10:30, and 1/2 mile cooldown.  It was at least 80 degrees outside and it took forever for my watch to find its GPS signal, so I was very frustrated (and hot!) by the time I started this run.  I took a route that I normally take, but it felt SO much harder with the weather and of course my Spotify playlist kept cutting off mid-song.  Somehow, I made it through the hills and got the negative splits I needed,  my fastest at a 9:59 pace!

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Wednesday 10/19:  No workouts, besides some dancing and swaying at the Gavin DeGraw concert!

Thursday 10/20:  Spinning class after work.  It was pretty good…at least I got a good sweat this time, but I still feel bad for holding back in the class.  Since it was a tough workout I didn’t think going for a run would be wise.

Friday 10/21:  3 easy miles before taking care of a bunch of errands…I felt pretty sluggish on this one.

Saturday 10/22:  HIIT the Barre class.  It was a full class and it really kicked my butt I think I held my own on the barre for the first time.  Unfortunately, I had a really busy day with errands and house things, so I didn’t get to do 3 miles. This was my first missed run all training season.

Sunday 10/23:  The Perfect 10 Miler!  Recap will be posted very soon!  It was a tough start, but an awesome finish!

Week 12 Report Card:

Even though this was less of a load on my schedule, I fell 3 miles short of my training mileage, so I’m really bummed about that.  But I’m really happy with how my 6-mile run and 10-mile race went, all things considered!

I’m going to give Week 12 a B-. I was very active this week but I wish I skipped spin class and went for a run instead.  I know it’s not going to hurt me in the long run, and there’s no point being hard on myself about it, but still, I’m disappointed to break my streak.  Regardless, I can only move forward!

This week I will be finally hitting a major milestone:  the 20 miler!  I’m excited and also in disbelief that the end is almost here and I’ll be heading to my first marathon taper!  Fingers crossed that all goes well!

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How were your workouts this past week?  Do you get disappointed when you miss a training workout?  Who’s your favorite musical artist?

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