Philly Marathon Training Week 13 and October Monthly Goal Recap

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Oct 31

The year continues to fly by and October is coming to an end.  Happy Halloween for those who celebrate!

I’ve really enjoyed this month and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m sad that it’s almost wrapped up.  Marathon training has been going really well, but I’m still nervous about the big day getting closer – less than 3 weeks to go!

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing my monthly goals when it comes to running and healthy living.  It’s that time again to reflect on October and look ahead to November! And just like any other Monday, I’m giving a recap of my latest week of Philly marathon training.

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October Running Goal Recap

I’ve really enjoyed tracking my goals over the past few months and keeping an eye on my progress over time.  My monthly mileage for October is my highest ever: 126 miles!!  I noticed that in October, more than ever, I’ve consciously kept my goals in the back of my mind.  This accountability stuff really works!  Of  course, it wasn’t perfect and there are always things to prove, so let me look back on this past month and reflect on whether I succeeded in my health and fitness goals!

  • Plan and prepare my own lunch for every weekday.  Grade: B+.  I did a great job of making lunches almost every day for work.  Leftovers came in handy and I became the sandwich queen, for better or worse.  My wallet thanks me!
  • Prepare healthy snacks to replace my cravings for sweets.  Grade: C.  I definitely did a better job at eating healthier snacks and keeping my sweet tooth at bay, but I didn’t get to make any goodies from scratch, despite buying all the healthy ingredients.  Trail mix has been my biggest ally this month.
  • Get 10,000 steps on my non-running days.  Grade: B.  While I didn’t always hit my goal of 10,000 steps, I really committed to doing this right.  My worst day in October was 5,600 steps, and in September, I had several days with that many steps or fewer.  Participating in the fall walking challenge at work has made a huge difference, so I really want to keep it up!

November Running Goals

Do you keep track of your fitness goals for the month? In my latest post, I reflfect on October and look ahead to new goals in November! Check more running resources at!

  • Prepare healthy snacks to replace my cravings for sweets.  I want to keep working on this goal because I know that I can do better.  Prepping for the week will be key and I really need to get rid of my excuses!
  • Step up the prehab during the marathon taper.  With the 20 miler behind me, I am officially in taper mode and I want to get to the race in one piece!  Foam rolling, core strengthening, and stretching will take priority.  I tend to slack on these things, so I’m making myself more accountable!
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.  Drinking more water obviously has a ton of benefits, and with the marathon coming up, I need to stay on top of this.  I’ve done really well with drinking a lot of water at work, but when I get home, I slack off.

Week 13 Training Recap:

Monday 10/24:  4 miles after work, I had to take it easy after working so hard at the Perfect 10 Miler!  It was nice and peaceful on the Forbidden Drive Trail.

Tuesday 10/25:  Yoga class after work.  We did a lot of balancing poses that were more challenging than I anticipated.  As always we had some headstand time at the wall, and this time I was able to do the L shape without bending my knees, though I couldn’t stay up there very long!

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Wednesday 10/26:  The goal of this 6 miler run was to alternate between 10:30 and 10:50 pace.  I should have run this one on the treadmill – I had to run in my hood and as usual, the hills threw off all my pacing.  It was challenging and pretty cold outside but I got it done.

Thursday 10/27:  Spin class after work.  It was  really good class and I enjoyed it.  I still feel pressure to be really intense but since I was recovering from my cold, the instructor gave me a pass.

Friday 10/28:  A very necessary rest day!

Saturday 10/29:  Big day – the 20 miler!  Since I felt so good after the 18 miler a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t too worried about this run though I had my usual nerves leading up to it.  Bret actually joined me for the first 5 miles, which was a change of pace.  I started the run at 6:30 am so he provided some extra security!  It seemed that things were going to be just fine but my knees were really hurting, my right hand was extremely cold and took forever to warm up (why just one hand??), and then in the last 5 miles or so I experienced an unpleasant sensation in my calves, which I presume to have been cramps?  I was thirsty for much of the run and it seemed that my fueling plan wasn’t sufficient this time around.  Maybe 3 Honey Stinger Chews every 3 miles instead of 2 would have made a difference?  Regardless, I made it through and had an average pace of 11:20, exactly where I was supposed to be.

Sunday 10/30:  And I thought 20 miles would be my hardest…it was really tough running these 3 “easy” miles 24 hours after my long run.  Took it very, very slow.  It wasn’t until the last mile where I almost felt “normal” again.  Thankfully, my knees felt fine.

A little late but in case you were curious, I survived my 20 miler this morning! Weather was about 40 degrees and Bret joined me for the first 5 miles, then after that it was just me and my music! This was my toughest run so far. Felt dehydrated despite regularly drinking water and my knees took a beating. About 17? miles in I experienced my first ever “cramping” in my calves but I kept moving. Highlights: seeing a random ???? on Wissahickon Ave, former co-worker out on a walk on Kelly Drive, badass #cityfitgirls killing it on their long run, visualizing running the marathon with a smile, and overall not giving up!! Is it taper time yet??! #RWNR #run215 #marathontraining #sweatpink #runnersofinstagram #instarunner

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Week 13 Report Card:

Okay, so the 20-mile run was really tough!  I’m glad that I didn’t miss any runs this past week and that I did get in a day of rest.  On Saturday, it seemed that my body would never recover, but thankfully I started feeling better before I went to bed.  I’m wondering if I should have iced my knees after my long run?  I was tempted but didn’t go through with it, nor with the Epsom salt bath.

I’m going to give Week 13 an A.  I can’t believe I ran 20 miles!  Overall I’m happy with that run but I know I have to make some adjustments so that I’m ready for the real thing in less than 3 weeks – no surprises!

How well did you achieve your health and fitness goals for October?  What are your  goals for November?  

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