Philly Marathon Training Week 9 and September Monthly Goal Recap

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Oct 03

So here we are in a new month, October!  It’s crazy how close we are to the end of the year, but I plan to enjoy this month as much as possible and really work hard on all of my goals!

I’m more than halfway finished with marathon training for the Philly Marathon, and I’ve got many more long runs in my future!  I’m looking forward to keeping up the momentum and making some improvements in my life-balance from September.

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Did you meet your running goals for September? What are your goals for October? #runchat Share on XI'm training for my very first marathon, the Philly Marathon! Check out my weekly recap of my running and working out and find more running tips at!

September Running Goal Recap

Somehow, September turned out to be one of the shortest months of the year.  I’m still in disbelief that it went by so quickly!  My monthly mileage for September was 96.3 close to 100 miles!  Let me give a recap of my goals for September…how did I do?

  • Clean up my eating habits.  Grade: F.   There has been nothing clean about my eating in the month of September.  I ate way too much candy, went out to lunch on several occasions, and I didn’t use PlateJoy once for meal planning.  I was extremely lazy about my eating…it’s as simple as that.
  • Do yoga and/or barre at least once a week.  Grade: A.    I’m so happy I was able to knock out this goal!  I’ve really fallen in love with my Tuesday yoga class, and while barre is super tough, I do enjoy the challenge!  Going to the ZOOMA Cape Cod weekend helped me get in some extra yoga days as well.  I am going to keep up the yoga and barre moving forward as it becomes part of my fitness routine!
  • Continue planks, squats, and lunges 3 times a week.   Grade: B. Planks and lunges have been really solid, but for whatever reason, I don’t squat as often as I’d like.  Does chair pose count as a squat?  I really struggle with having the right form for that!

October Running GoalsI'm sharing my running goals for October...writing down your goals helps so much with accountability! Get more running tips at!


  • Plan and prepare my own lunch for every weekday.  Not only will I save money, I’ll be eating much more balanced meals that aren’t too high in calories.  I had several mornings where I was too busy to make lunch, so I’m going to commit to finally getting a meal plan together.
  • Prepare healthy snacks to replace my cravings for sweets.  It’s time to shut down the junk food eating.  I have so many recipes for healthy snacks on my Pinterest page and most of the ingredients to make it happen.  I will try to use Instagram to keep myself accountable!
  • Get 10,000 steps on my non-running days.  I have such admiration for blogging pals like Tricia who gets in SO many steps during the week.  I know that I can do better on my non-running days, so I’m going to move around more at work instead of being tethered to my desk.  We also have a Fall Walking Challenge at work that I’m hoping will get me motivated to move!
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Week 9 Training Recap:

Monday 9/26:  Back to lunchtime yoga at work after a summer hiatus.  It was great to be back.  The class was short, but I was able to do my first headstand against the wall, on the first try!

Tuesday 9/27:  My favorite vinyasa class after work with Darlene!  While we didn’t spend any time at the wall this week, we did briefly have the opportunity to another headstand on our mats.  I wasn’t able to hold it for long, but that was due to my wrists more than anything.  I’m loving the progress!

Wednesday 9/28:  I went for a 5-mile run.  The splits were supposed to be 11:15, 11:00, 10:45, and 10:30…but I got a little too in the zone and took it too fast!  It was a beautiful fall evening and a little drizzly.  I felt great!

Thursday 9/29:  Spin and floor class after work.  This is the first time we’re having spin class through our wellness program at work, and it was a great workout!  I need to wear better shoes for the floor portion…we did a lot of jumping and my feet weren’t happy.

Friday 9/30:  3 easy miles on the treadmill at lunch.  I definitely felt the soreness from spin class!

Saturday 10/1:  Morning yoga class.  I originally planned to run 10 miles first thing in the morning, but I had a few too many the night before, haha.  In the afternoon, I had a nice and easy 3-mile run.

Sunday 10/2:  Finally time for my 10-mile run!  I think overall it went pretty well, though my knees weren’t the happiest.  For the first time I had to stop for a bathroom break…thank goodness there was one available at my turnaround point!  For my next long run I’ll need to remember the goal is 11:20 pace!   Since I had already scheduled the class, I went to barre about 30 minutes after my run.  This was a BAD idea.  I got through it, but the barre portion of class got so tough I had to stop for a quick break because I was getting lightheaded.  Bad Janelle.

Spin bikes…30 minutes of torture LOL

Week 9 Report Card:

As you can see, I worked out every single day this past week.  I’m not sure, but this may be the first time I’ve done this….ever?  I’m very proud of getting all of my marathon training runs in, but I’m not a big fan of doing 2 tough workouts in a day, so I learned a pretty good lesson.  Yoga and run the same day?  Sure!  Barre after a long run?  Never again!  So I’m going to give Week 9 a grade of A-!  

Did you meet your fitness goals for September?  What goals do you have for October? 

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