Throwback Thursday Running Playlist: Pop Princesses

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Oct 13

How have you been enjoying your running music playlist lately?  Are you listening to a lot of variety or just the same old stuff?

If you’ve followed my marathon training journey, you would know that I listening to music while running is a must for me, because I can easily get bored on my long, solo runs.  A great music playlist can keep you motivated and provide a nice distraction while grinding out your miles or doing any intense workout!

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, I’ll be featuring a Spotify playlist featuring Throwback tunes with a theme covering various genres that I loved when I was growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  So far I’ve created 2 other playlists:

Clearly, I’ve been a very pop-py state of mind, so for this month, I want to show love to some of my favorite female pop artists!  You can call them pop princesses, queens, whatever!  All I know is they provide great music to dance to and to run to, so I hope you enjoy the playlist!

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Throwback Thursday Running Playlist:  Pop Princesses

Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I was a big fan of pop music.  The music was bright, fun, and let’s be honest, the people were pretty!  Music videos were everything “back in the day”.  I still look back at those years with so much nostalgia!

We had so many female artists to enjoy.  Madonna and Janet Jackson were huge game changers in the industry by being completely unapologetic and fearless.  I don’t know if they’ll ever stop performing and creating new music.  They really paved the way for so many women!

Britney, Christina, P!nk, Beyonce, Rihanna…there have been so many ladies making great anthems, songs you can dance to and enjoy…and it really makes for some great running music!

So for this edition of the Throwback Thursday Running Playlist, enjoy some of the biggest hits from some badass ladies.  After I created this playlist, I realized there were a few artists that I left out, so I will probably continue to add more songs!  This is easily the longest playlist I’ve created so far with nearly 4 hours of music…so if you’re getting into your longer training runs, this playlist will get you through!

I hope you enjoy the music!

Featured Artists:  Ladies of Pop

Check out some of your favorite female artists on this Throwback Thursday Running Playlist!  Enjoy Beyonce, Madonna and more!  Find more workout music at!

Britney Spears – I really enjoyed Britney’s early stuff, but she seems to have bounced back with a few more hits lately.  I’ll admit I was envious of Britney’s abs back in the day!

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Madonna – What can you say about an artist who continues to reinvent herself and make it look easy?  Much props to this woman!  I really need to start from the beginning and really dig deep into her music.

Rihanna – it’s crazy to think how long Rihanna has been making hits!  Love her or hate her, she has been consistently topping the charts for over a decade. Don’t Stop the Music is a great song while running.  I’m not a fan of all the raunchy stuff, though!

Jennifer Lopez – I forgot how big of a deal it was when J.Lo first hit the scene with her solo career.  I almost forgot how Jenny From the Block was my jam, haha!

Janet Jackson – Janet is Janet, what can I say?  She’s amazing.  I’ve listened to All For You in my car and it is still one of my favorites!

Christina Aguilera – She probably has the best voice on this list.  It’s crazy that she hasn’t had more hits over her career.  Lady Marmalade was such a huuuuge song, and I still think it’s great today!

Lady Gaga – Gaga was so interesting when she first came out.  I just pretend the last album didn’t happen, LOL!  She’s going to perform at the SuperBowl Halftime Show next year and I know she’ll kill it and have everyone talking.  I’d really like to see her back on the charts!

P!nk – has always been badass.  I need to get on her workout plan…have you seen her sing and perform on a trapeze?!  Crazy!

Kelly Clarkson – The first and best winner of American Idol.  Such a great singer with so many jams!  She can sing anything!

Beyonce – Is Beyonce considered pop music?  I’m not sure, but I can’t deny she has some great music for running (and dancing)!  Get Me Bodied or Single Ladies, anyone?

I’m sharing my playlist with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for the final Friday Five (Sad!), the Jill Conyers for Life Fitness and Happiness, and Angela and Ilka for Sunday Fitness and Food linkups!

Who is your favorite female pop artist?  Are there any that I missed on this playlist? What genre of music should I cover next?

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