Throwback Thursday Running Playlist: Marathon Motivation!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | music

Nov 10

Are there certain songs you hear while on a run that just “do it” for you?

As I’ve been listening to music on my training runs as I prepare for the Philly marathon, I’ve noticed that some songs excite me much more than others!  Suddenly I’m moving faster, I’m feeling more energetic, and I’m overall happy!

Wouldn’t be great to capture that feeling during an entire run?

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, I’ve shared my favorite Throwback tunes covering various genres that I loved when I was growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s.   These #TBT Running Playlists have really become one of my favorite posts to create!  So far I’ve created  3 other playlists:

If you’re looking for a good playlist for an upcoming marathon, half marathon, or really any running workout, I’ve got you covered!  My latest playlist features songs that are all about giving you the motivation you need when you’re trying to dig deep!

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Throwback Thursday Running Playlist: Marathon Motivation

For the past several months, I have been training for the Philadelphia Marathon and I’m happy to say that I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I am a huge fan of listening to music while I run and it has really kept me going when I’ve been out on 3+ hour solo runs.

Ever since I started running over 5 years ago, I’ve found that certain songs just pump me on while on a run.  I’ll never forget the first time that I ran the Broad Street Run and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” came on my iPod.  Living in Philadelphia, any music associated with the Rocky films is played ad nauseum.   Eventually, it starts to kick in and pump you up!

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If you’ve been looking for some upbeat, inspiring songs to add to your running music playlist, I hope that this playlist will inspire you!  This list has a LOT of songs so that you’ll have several hours of music to enjoy.  I plan to use it during the race to keep myself pumped up when I get to those inevitable mentally challenging portions of the race.

I really hope you enjoy it!

Featured Artists:  Marathon Songs

If you're training for a marathon or any race, check out my playlist of throwback songs that will motivate you during the race!  You can find more running playlists at!

This playlist is VERY random, so here are just a few of the featured artists on the marathon songs playlist!

Eminem – Of course, Lose Yourself is a classic but I also love several tracks on the Recovery album.

Daft Punk – I am a huge Daft Punk fan and have been for years.  I had to throw in several of their songs that keep me pumped, including the Alive 2007 album which is amazing!

Jay-Z – The funny thing is that most of my favorite Jay-Z songs are collaborations. Numb/Encore is a great mix with Linkin Park.  I have been known to blast Empire State of Mind in my car, not that long ago either, lol!

Kanye West – I miss throwback Kanye.  Power, Stronger, The New Workout many fun songs to run to!

Journey – I even have a little bit of rock on this playlist!  I had to include your (least) favorite karaoke song!

Katy Perry – Somehow I forgot about Katy in my Ladies of Pop playlist.   I like her fun, upbeat songs!

Black Eyed Peas – They are the ultimate party song group!  I really liked their music until they completely sold out…

DMX – Okay, he’s a little angry/scary sometimes…but it works while pushing through a run!

I’m sharing my playlist with Angela and Ilka for the Sunday Fitness and Food linkup!

What are some of your favorite songs that pump you up during a race?  What songs did I miss?  

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