5 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

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Dec 12

The holiday season is here!  If you celebrate this time of year, how has your holiday shopping been going?

Every year it seems that the Christmas season sneaks up on me and I find myself scrambling to get some holiday ideas together.  It’s never intentional, but I always seem to make at least a few purchases at the last minute!

If you have any friends or family members that are runners, I thought you would enjoy this list of 5 holiday gift ideas just for them!  And if you need a few things for yourself too, go for it!

PLUS, I’m very excited to be able to provide a special giveaway, so keep reading to find out more!

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Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

Holiday gift ideas for runners + a GIVEAWAY! #runchat Click To TweetAre you still doing holiday shopping but don't know what to pick up for your runner friend/loved one? Check out these 5 ideas for holiday gifts for runners! Check out more running resources at runwithnoregrets.com!

5 Gift Ideas for Runners This Holiday

I am still in denial that the holidays are almost here but the reality is that it’s time to start shopping for gifts!  If you’ve already completed the bulk of your shopping…teach me your ways!  The main reason that I am usually last-minute with holiday shopping is that I need to be inspired when shopping for my friends and loved ones.  Something usually catches my eye and from that point on, you can’t stop me!

The good thing is that if you’re shopping for a runner, it can be pretty easy to find something that they will appreciate.  While running can be considered one of the least expensive hobbies for the casual athlete, there are always things that runners need:  new shoes, new clothes, training tools, recovery tools…the list goes on!

I thought it would be great to provide some last-minute holiday gift ideas to grab for the runners on your shopping list, so check it out!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

Believe Training Journal

For the goal-oriented (or obsessed) runner in your life


If you’ve read regularly on the blog, you know that I have been in love with my Believe Training Journal.  If you really want to see how you have progressed with your running over time, it’s so important to write things down!  Having a running journal can enable you to look back to when an injury may have been triggered, notice when you’re doing too much or too little in your training each week, and overall show your progress over time.

Authors Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas have 3 different types of training journals available, so depending on your running loved one, you’ve got some great options for them!

  • Believe Training Journal – This journal will guide you through your season, helping you set your goals, plan your training weeks, and record daily workouts for up to 1 year of running.
  • Believe Logbook – NEW, an undated annual calendar and undated daily and weekly running logs for up to 6 months of running.
  • COMPETE Training Journal – NEW, includes space for goal setting, workout log space for two seasons of racing (spring/fall), race plans and reviews, a race calendar, pace charts for 200m to 26.2 mi.

Cost:  $15-20 (On Amazon)

Running Store Gift Card

For the runner who’s impossible to shop for

A gift card can go a long way!

Sometimes it’s just easier to let your loved one pick out their own things by giving them a gift card.  With colder weather on the way, your running friend will appreciate being able to stock up on much-needed items like running gloves, a new jacket, or simply a new pair of shoes for spring race training.

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  • Cute Running and Fitness Gear:  Athleta – they have fantastic clothing that are very high quality.
  • Running Shoes and Accessories:  Road Runner Sports – Now that I have a new location closer to home, I’ve started shopping there again.  I can usually get some great deals on shoes!
  • Quality Cold Weather Gear:  Under Armour – my boyfriend has Under Armour gear from over 10 years ago that still works great!

Cost:  $20-$50 would make any runner happy!

Aftershokz Bluetooth Headphones

For the audiophile tired of losing/breaking their headphones on the run

Aftershokz Air Gym

I wear my Aftershokz all the time!

Since I began using the Aftershokz Bluetooth wireless headphones, my running has really gone to the next level!  In the past, I have run races where I struggled to keep my headphones in place.  It can be really frustrating.  Now with these headphones, I don’t have to worry about that at all!

The audio quality is fantastic, they stay in place, and I can run with music much safer thanks to the bone conduction technology.  Check out my detailed product review for more reasons why they’re great!  I honestly recommend them to everyone!

Cost:  $119.95-149.95

Trigger Point Foam Roller

For the runner who keeps getting injured

trigger point foam roller

Image from Amazon

Runners are always hearing the importance of foam rolling, but how many actually do it and make it a habit?  I would guess that the percentage is very low considering that nearly 80% of runners get injured every single year!  I can admit that I need to be more consistent with my foam rolling!

There are a lot of foam rollers on the market, so you have plenty of options to choose from!  Personally, I’ve had my eye on the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller for years but have never made the purchase for myself, instead going with a basic foam roller that I picked up at Marshall’s.  Foam rollers provide that “hurts so good” feeling that runners need to knock out their muscle tightness in their quads, hamstrings, IT Band, and more!  It’s a worthy investment and your runner friend will thank you!

Cost:  $36 (On Amazon)

Swanson Health Products

For the runner looking to improve their nutrition 

I have to be honest – while I take my running and training seriously, nutrition isn’t always my highest priority.  Shame on me!  It’s so important to get the right nutrients in your body in order to stay healthy, and Swanson Health Products has a HUGE collection of supplements to choose from!

Doubtful of the science behind supplements?   Competitor.com has a great list of 7 supplements that are worth taking every day including iron and Vitamin D.  They don’t replace eating a full, wholesome diet…but they definitely help!  The runner on your list will appreciate that you are looking out for their health!

Cost: $1 – $100

What items are on your shopping list for the runner in your life?  

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