November Monthly Goal Recap and December Running Goals

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Dec 09

It feels so good to say hey and catch up…I know it’s been awhile!  As you can probably imagine, things have been so busy since the Philly marathon and Thanksgiving holiday.  We’ve hosted family, I’ve traveled for work, and I’ve started to get back to working out since recovering from the marathon.  I’m looking forward to a much calmer December!

I also recently transferred my website hosting from Bluehost to Siteground.  I actually wrote this entire post on Monday but due to the transition, all of my work vanished!  Thankfully, things are now where they should be and I’ll finally be able to share my recap of my November goals and a look to what I plan to accomplish in December!

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November Running Goal Recap

I can’t believe that it’s December!  I know I say it every month, but 2016 really did fly, didn’t it?  November was extremely busy as I went on a long vacation, traveled for work, and of course had the big race.  I wanted to set some reasonable goals to achieve for the month, but how did I actually do?

  • Prepare healthy snacks to replace my cravings for sweets.  Grade: F.  This still didn’t happen in November.  Shame on me!  I should have made a better effort.  Cake, cookies, and candy were plentiful all month long…
  • Step up the prehab during the marathon taper.  Grade:  B.  I think I did a decent job with my prehab, though it always feels like I could do more.  My knee pain was AWFUL the last month leading into the race and while I had my doubts, once I started regularly foam rolling, I had NO knee issues during the marathon.  Go figure!  Now I just need to keep working on it to make it a habit.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.  Grade:  B+.  I think I did a pretty good job of staying hydrated with water and I significantly cut back on drinking alcohol over the past month.

December Running Goals

Now that I’m no longer in training mode, I really want to take advantage of this time to rebuild, restrengthen, and get back on track with my nutrition.  I’m looking forward to pursuing my goals for the month!

  • Focus on building full-body strength.  One of my big goals for 2017 is to become overall a stronger “athlete”.  I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made this year, but I want to do more.  I need to work on my upper body and core, so I’m hoping that working with more weights will make a difference.  I’m also loving barre and spinning class so I want to keep that up as well.  I really just want to do it all!
  • Overhaul my meal planning.  This area of my life continues to be a disaster.  I can’t seem to put in the effort to plan my meals for the week.  I need to get consistent, and fortunately, I’ll be discussing this with my dietitian and coming up with a plan that I can and WILL execute.
  • Run 2x per week.  I think that keeping up with running twice a week will be very reasonable.
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Workouts for the Week:

Sunday 11/27:  Barre class.  It’s always extremely challenging but I enjoy it and I think it’s helping me get stronger.

Monday 11/28:  Quick beginner’s yoga class at lunch.  I had to squeeze the class between meetings so it was a nice escape.  I was supposed to have spin class after work but I had a late meeting.

Tuesday 11/29:  No workouts, though I was still feeling sore calves and abs from barre class!  In the evening we went to the Penn vs. Villanova basketball game.  I graduated from both schools but I had to root for Penn!  Hopefully this is a less depressing year as a Quakers fan…

Wednesday 11/30:  Barre and yoga fusion class since I didn’t get to do yoga on Tuesday.  The class went by quickly.  The yoga was more challenging than I thought it would be!

Thursday 12/1:  Boot Camp Class.  It was my first time with the new instructor.  We did a few things but nothing too exciting: squats, lunges, crunches, wall sits.

Friday 12/2:  Bright and early 6 am yoga/barre class.  The instructor is so much fun!  I ended up having a private class since no other students showed up.  She always makes it interesting!

Saturday 12/3:  No workouts.

Sunday 12/4:  I arrived in Savannah for my business trip.  It was my first time in Savannah so I took to the road and went for a quick 3.5 mile around the historic downtown area.  It was really nice, and so weird to feel humid during a run for the first time in months!  This was my second time running since the marathon!

Monday 12/5:  No workouts.

Tuesday 12/6:  It was my last day in Savannah and I went out in the morning for a 7 mile run – I didn’t plan for it to be that long but I attempted to run through all of the 21 squares downtown.  It was so pretty, and I got drenched in rain, but it was worth it!  Next time I’ll remember to bring something to protect my phone…the screen’s all messed up now, smh.

Wednesday 12/7:  Advanced yoga class at lunch.  I definitely felt rusty in class, but my shoulders got plenty of work!

Thursday 12/8:  No workouts.  I was supposed to go to yoga at a new studio but I had some scheduling issues…oh well!

What are your running and fitness goals for December?  What type of workouts are you focusing on this winter?

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