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Jan 20

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Do you run ever run early in the morning or late in the evening?  I used to love running early in the morning before work, but once Daylight Savings ended, it just wasn’t safe for me to be out there on my own since it was still dark outside.  I had to readjust my running schedule to run after work, which was much less convenient.  Now that I have Knuckle Lights, it’s a game changer!

In today’s post, I’m sharing my experience of running with Knuckle Lights.  Keep reading to learn more and how you can buy your own set with a 10% discount!

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The Importance of Running Safely in the Dark

As I’ve been running the past 6 years, I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t take running in the dark seriously.  There are too many people that go out early in the morning or late at night wearing dark clothing, running alone, and/or blasting loud music.  It’s so important to be vigilant and safe out there, and that’s why I wrote a post to help runners know what NOT to do when running in the dark!

Being visible in the dark as a runner is SO important, as we continue to hear sad news about runners being hit on the road by drivers who can’t see them.  Just a few weeks ago I was driving on a dark, suburban road and was shocked to see a runner out there, all alone, with no clothing to help with visibility.  Thankfully, I was driving slow enough to see them!

Runners are so quick to buy the latest shoes, hydration products, and even high-priced treadmills, but why is there so much hesitation to buy visibility gear for running in the dark, especially since there is so much available on the market?

Knuckle Lights Review

So if you’re in need of some visibility gear for an early morning or late evening run, Knuckle Lights is an excellent option for running safely in the dark.  They are exactly what they sound like, lights that you wear on your hands over your knuckles while you run!

Knuckle Light Features:

  • 280 Lumens – Each light has a brightness of 140 lumens and there are three power settings that you can use:  high, low, and blinking.
  • Rechargeable – The Knuckle Lights come with a charging dock that is easy to use and plug in.
  • Water Proof – Run with them in the rain and the snow and you shouldn’t have a problem!
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Check out this video to see the Knuckle Lights in action!

Running with Knuckle Lights

I’ve really enjoyed running with these bad boys!  While I live in the city of Philadelphia, my neighborhood is pretty suburban and many of the blocks where I usually run are poorly lit at night.   So far I’ve only worn the Knuckle Lights on runs between 2-4 miles due to time constraints, but I’m sure they would work great on a long early morning run!  Good thing that I’m in half marathon training mode!


What really surprised me is how BRIGHT the Knuckle Lights are!  I’ve used the high and low brightness settings so far and they work really great when running in the dark.  It’s easy to change from one power setting to another with the press of a button on each light.  When I start running from home, I have to be careful because some of my neighbors’ sidewalks are very uneven from unruly tree roots.  Wearing the Knuckle Lights have made a big difference as I can easily avoid a tripping hazard!

One thing that I will note is that I’ve accidentally “blinded” myself when using the lights to check my Nike+ watch stats while running, so do NOT let these lights shine in directly in your eyes!


The Knuckle Lights are pretty comfortable to wear on the run.  At less than 3 ounces, they don’t weigh you down at all.  The straps are adjustable and I like to keep them pretty tight so that they stay and place and my running form stays consistent.  I’ve had no issues with bouncing or chafing while wearing them, and I’ve even been able to comfortably use the Knuckle Lights while wearing gloves!

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Rosie was so curious about the lights!

I really love running with my Knuckle Lights!  They are a valuable tool to use when running in the dark and have really have become a game-changer in my running routine!  I know that I’ll be using them for a really long time.  If you want your own set, you can save 10% on Knuckle Lights with promotional code bibravepro!

Have you ever run in an area that was too dark for comfort?  Would you consider trying the Knuckle Lights?

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