Tunes Tuesday: Pump Up Hip-Hop Music

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Jan 17

I hope your week is going great so far!

It’s time for another Tunes Tuesday linkup with Steff from Run Steff Run and Kimberly from Kooky Runner.  We’re so excited to have you share your favorite music with us each week!  We’re looking for inspiration for our running and workout playlists and even a “jog” down memory lane as you share your favorite jams!  The theme this week is pump up music and I’m sharing a few of my hip-hop favorites!

I’m also sharing my playlist with Angela and Ilka for the Sunday Fitness and Food linkup and Marcia, Patty, and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run!

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If you're a runner looking for music inspiration, check out the Tunes Tuesday linkup!

Tunes Tuesday: Pump Up Hip-Hop Music

I’m so excited to be back for another week of Tunes Tuesday!  The third Tuesday of the month is dedicated to pump up music, so I decided to create a playlist solely dedicated to this theme and each month, I’ll add a different type of pump up music to share as part of Tunes Tuesday!

In case you missed it, here are the Tunes Tuesday posts I’ve shared so far:

To kick off the year’s Tunes Tuesday Pump Up Playlist, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite hip-hop music that can get me amped up!  I tend to keep things “throwback”, though I do have a couple of newer songs on the list.  I hope you enjoy it, as I tried to pick some slightly less predictable tunes, and maybe it’ll pump you up on your next long run or workout!  Feel free to follow the playlist on Spotify!

Featured Hip-Hop Artists: Pump Up Music

Looking for new music for your workout playlist? Check out Tunes Tuesday, hosted by Run Steff Run, Kooky Runner, and Run With No Regrets! Enjoy this playlist with hip-hop music that will get you pumped up on your next workout!


Notorious B.I.G. – I still really love Hypnotize…keeping it old school!

50 Cent – What Up Gangsta….hey, don’t judge me!

Busta Rhymes – Touch It was such a huge hit and of course I love anything tangentially related to Daft Punk!

Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Jay Z, French Montana – All the Way Up…I can’t ignore how much this song gets me hype!

Drake – 0 to 100….real quick!  It’s a catchy song!

LL Cool J – Headsprung…I still remember this music video with Timbaland who was clearly going to the same gym as LL!

DMX – There were too many great DMX songs to choose from but I haven’t heard What’s My Name in a long time…it’s an intense song!

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Nelly – Flap Your Wings is really catchy song produced by the Neptunes…doesn’t get much better!

Ludacris – Ludacris has some great anthems like Move, but I hadn’t listened to Get Back in years…this song really takes you back!

Missy Elliott/Eve – 4 My People is a really great song that with a lot of energy that I just love!

Eminem – Just Lose It is a silly song but it makes me want to dance, haha!

T.I. – One of the first T.I. songs that I really enjoyed was Bring Em Out…Swizz Beatz did a great job with this song!

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What are some of your favorite hip-hop songs to get you amped up?  What songs did I miss?  

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