Love Run Half Marathon Training Week 5 Recap

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Feb 06

Welcome to the start of another week!  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I was in heaven watching the Falcons destroy the Patriots play after play, then the next thing I know, while I start getting ready for work the game completely turns around!  I couldn’t care less about either team, but I can’t stand Tom Brady…congrats to the fans?

In any event, I’m continuing to train for the Love Run Half Marathon and things continue to overall go pretty well!  I’m glad that I can share my weekly recap with you!

I’m joining Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC for her Winter Training Recap linkup and HoHo and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap!  These are great ways to keep accountable and share your workouts with fellow fit-minded individuals!

PS – I’m currently running a giveaway for free entry to the Love Run Half Marathon!  You can enter until next Monday!

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Weekly Wrap: BibRave and Rock ‘N Blog 2017

Have you heard the news?  BibRave is taking over management of the Rock ‘N Blog ambassador program in 2017.  I’m currently an outgoing Rock ‘N Blogger and had a great experience.  My only wish is that I could have traveled to more races in 2016, but I can say that the Rock ‘n Roll DC half marathon is now one of my all-time favorites!

In addition to Rock ‘N Blog, I’m currently a BibRave Pro Ambassador, and due to the change in management, I will now get access to run Rock ‘N Roll Races for free!  There are a few races on my radar this year that I think would be a fun racecation for Bret and me…as soon as I figure it out, I’ll let you know!  Once we get more information, I’ll have new discount codes to share with you!

If you are a running blogger, I highly recommend that you apply for the 2017 Rock ‘N Blog team!  Applications are open now through February 22 – Rock ‘N Bloggers get VIP offerings, the Global Tourpass, and a whole lot more!  I decided not to reapply so that other bloggers can have their opportunity to join this program!

PS – my code RUNWITHNOREGRETS is still good for $15 off marathon or half marathon registration at RNR DC, Mexico City, Dallas, and Nashville!

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 1/30:  Yoga class at work.  The 30 minutes flew by!  We spent lots of time in the warrior poses…Warrior 1 is definitely my least favorite.  My shins were killing me from Saturday and Sunday’s runs so I decided to postpone my 4-miler.  You gotta listen to your body!

Tuesday 1/31:  Yoga class after work with the usual crew and some new additions.  It was nice to practice in a full room.  I always look forward to my Tuesday nights, very relaxing even with some headstand action!

Wednesday 2/1:  Fartlek run.  This was a lot of fun!  After a 15-minute warmup, I did ten 1-minute intervals before cooling down to 4 miles.  I did this run at night which I think made it more fun to run around the neighborhood and feel fast!

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Thursday 2/2:  Spinning class after work.  It was my first class in several weeks so I didn’t want to push myself too hard.  It’s always a good time!

Friday 2/3:  Short run on the treadmill at work…the gym was WAY too hot and I couldn’t handle it.  I planned to do 4 miles but barely made it to 2 miles.  After that I spent a few minutes on the stair climbing machine.  Unfortunately, the equipment is a piece of junk and I stayed on less than 10 minutes.

Saturday 2/4: 10-mile run.  The goal was to run between 10:50 and 11:20 pace, and I did a great job of that!  I actually had a few miles that were even faster than that.  This was a mentally tough run as my surroundings started to bore the heck out of me.  The last 2 miles were a killer but I got it done!

Sunday 2/5:  Barre class.  It was SO hard.  I was using the heavier weights and I paid the price!  It seemed that every section of the workout was a killer…but I’m glad I did it!  My knees appreciated a break from the previous day’s run.

Week 5 Report Card

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this past week of training.  I had to make some adjustments during the week since my 9-mile run was tough on my ankles and I had some pesky shin pain.  Coach Laura provided me with some foot strengthening exercises and stretches to combat the issue, so thankfully my legs were much happier this week!  On the other hand, my knees were achy about 6 miles into my 10-mile run on Saturday; I don’t know if it was the terrain of the trail or what, but I passed on running a few miles on Sunday to be safe.

In this training plan, I’ve been much more flexible with my workouts and keenly listening to my body.  I couldn’t help but be disappointed to not run 4 days this week considering my goal for February, but there’s no reason to overtax my body just to hit a number.  Big picture here:  staying injury-free is my #1 running goal!  I’m going to give myself an A- for this week because I hit my paces, had good workouts, and made the most of my week.

How was your week of race training/working out?  Would you consider signing up as a Rock ‘n Blogger?  Let me know your questions!

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