Tunes Tuesday: Love Songs from American Idols

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | music

Feb 14

What happens when Valentine’s Day falls on Tunes Tuesday?  You get to hear some “new” old love songs…with a twist!

It’s time for Tunes Tuesday hosted by Kimberly at Kooky Runner, Steffany at Run Steff Run and me!  Every Tuesday we’ll be sharing our favorite music with a different theme each week.  We hope it’ll be a fun way to find new music to listen to and also get to know each other a little bit better!

Since it’s the second Tuesday of the month, we’re keeping it random, and in honor of the holiday, I’m sharing the love for some of my favorite American Idols!  Hope you enjoy it!

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Tunes Tuesday: Love Songs from American Idols

I was a HUGE American Idol fan.  I voted for contestants for 2 hours.  I even bought an AT&T Go Phone so that I could text more votes!  And of course, I went to a few concerts, even out of state!  I had it bad for this show…

I was sad when American Idol was canceled after 15 seasons, even though I stopped watching after Season 10.  Back in the day, this show was so exciting to watch each week; I got to learn about new artists and genres of music and I was introduced to so many talented artists, some who became big and others who I really wish could have been more successful!

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would make a playlist including a variety of love songs from a variety of American Idol contestants that I enjoyed over the years.  Unfortunately, you won’t find any Carrie Underwood because I honestly don’t know much of her music and Before He Cheats is a little too much of a downer, lol!  I also couldn’t put Clay Aiken on my list with a straight face, haha!  He was always so corny to me!    Regardless, I hope you enjoy the love songs and maybe discover a new artist!

Check out my playlist for current random favorites featuring some American Idol love songs!

Featured Artists:  American Idol Favorites

Check out this playlist of love songs performed by American Idols from the first 8 seasons!  Find more Tunes Tuesday posts at!

Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway, Because of You:  The OG!  Her voice is amazing and she has so many great anthems!

Justin Guarini – Timeless, Unchained Melody:  He was my first American Idol crush/obsession!!  So charismatic and a great singer. He should have had much more mainstream success!

Ruben Studdard – Sorry 2004:  The velvet teddy bear!  Watching him sing was always such a joy!

Fantasia – Truth Is, When I See You:  Fantasia is amazing!  I still get chills when I watch her performance after she was announced the winner of Idol!

Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight:  I’m not really a JHud fan but this song is still a jam!

Elliott Yamin – Wait for You, Fight for Love, 3 Words:  Elliott is my ALL-TIME favorite Idol.  Amazing voice, humble guy, diamond in the rough…completely overshadowed on his season.   Listen to his music!  Buy it!  He’s still great!

elliott yamin

I was so happy to finally meet Elliott Yamin a few years ago!

Kathryn McPhee – Over It:  I don’t think too many people bought Kat’s debut album but I really liked this song.

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Daughtry – Home:  I couldn’t STAND Chris Daughtry (and cheered when he got kicked off), but this is a solid jam.

Chris Richardson – Far Away, Joy & Pain:  I had a RIDICULOUS crush on Chris (not surprising).  The Justin Timberlake comparisons were annoying, though.  He’s had a couple of songs out since the show but not nearly enough!

Blake Lewis – How Many Words, Heartbreak on Vinyl:  Blake’s another one I didn’t get the hype over, but this beatboxer has some really great post-Idol music.  He really took me by surprise!

Jordin Sparks – No Air, Battlefield:  This girl can sing, it’s as simple as that!

David Cook – Come Back to Me, Light On:  David Cook was one of the best contestants ever and reinvented his songs each week.  His post-Idol music is just okay but I had to show him some love!

David Archuleta – Crush:  It’s a cutesy love song, very perfect for Archie.

Jason Castro – Let’s Just Fall in Love Again:  You’ve got to love the acoustic Jason Castro!  I think he would have easily won if he was on a later season of Idol.

Matt Giraud – Faded, Georgia on My Mind:  I was a HUGE fan of Matt G, the talented singer and piano man!  He’s another one who needs to put out a full album!

One of THE nicest guys, Matt Giraud!

Allison Iraheta – Friday I’ll Be Over U:  This is a great angry love song…no one could do it better than Allison!

Kris Allen – The Truth, Alright With Me:  His win on Idol was definitely the beginning of the end of AI, but he really surprised me on tour and has put out some really solid music!

Adam Lambert – Whatya Want From Me:  Adam was infamous during his run on Idol…this is a really good song.

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Did you ever watch American Idol?  Who was your favorite contestant?  Any special Valentine’s Day plans?

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