Tunes Tuesday – Foster the People

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | music

Mar 28

Need to spruce up your music playlist?  Tunes Tuesday has arrived once again!

It’s the Tunes Tuesday linkup hosted by Steff from Run Steff Run,  Kimberly from Kooky Runner, and me!  The theme this week is to share your favorite current music, and this week I’m all about Foster the People, one of my favorite bands right now!

In case you missed it, here were my previous featured favorites:

We’re so excited to have you share your favorite music with us each week!

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Tunes Tuesday:  Foster the People

Foster the People is known as an “indie rock trio” that creates “melodic and atmospheric, dance-oriented pop”.  That sounds about right to me!  Mark Foster, the lead singer, has one of those one-of-a-kind voices that really shines.  I love the way they incorporate electronic and traditional instruments in their music.

I have been a fan of Foster the People pretty much since they debuted in 2011.  I don’t even remember how I got hooked on them but it wasn’t long before I bought (yes bought, lol) their first album and went to their concert at the Mann Center in Philly (one of my early dates with Bret).  Since then, Foster the People is a permanent fixture on my music playlists!

Check out this Spotify playlist featuring some of the best songs from Foster the People.  My personal favorites are listed below!

Featured Songs – Foster the People

If you're looking for new music, check out these recommended jams from Foster the People for the latest Tunes Tuesday!

From Torches

  • Pumped Up Kicks – Of course ,this is a classic, everybody knows this song!
  • Houdini – This may be my favorite Foster the People song of all…the music video is fun too!
  • Helena Beat – When this song starts up I’m ready to move!
  • Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) – This is another song that got pretty popular in TV commercials.  This definitely motivated me during my latest half marathon!
  • Call It What You Want – I love the lyrics in this song!
  • Waste – The chorus is great…love it!
  • Life on the Nickel – This is definitely one of my favorites!
  • Warrant – It starts out chill, and then the fun begins!
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From Supermodel

  • Are You What You Want to Be – This song easily gets stuck in my head because the chorus is so catchy!!
  • Ask Yourself – A little more mellow but a cool song!
  • Coming of Age – Almost reminds me of a Killers song…but I like that!
  • Nevermind – Another song that’s on the mellow side, the guitar sounds great in this one!
  • Pseudologia Fantastica – Great song right here, very cerebral!
  • Best Friend – This is definitely one of my favorite tracks!  I love the lyrics!

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What type of music are you enjoying lately?  

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