Ultimate Coffee Date – March 2017

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Mar 04

This year just keeps marching on, doesn’t it?  I know, I know, terrible pun!

It’s the first Saturday in March, meaning that it’s time to join Coco and Deborah for the Ultimate Coffee Date!  While this is a running blog, sometimes it’s refreshing to just talk about everyday life!  Let’s catch up!

Ultimate Coffee Date – March 2017

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…how much fun my sister and I had at Universal Orlando last weekend!  We first went to Universal together way back in 2011, and so much has changed in the parks since then!  We are big Harry Potter fans and I literally felt just like Harry did when I entered Diagon Alley for the first time!  It was amazing!  Everything was just like the movies and I had a hoot watching people make objects move with their wands!  But in addition to hanging out in London and taking the Hogwarts Express to get to Hogsmead, I also really loved strolling through Springfield, USA with the Simpsons!  I loved hanging out in Moe’s Tavern and getting a Krusty Burger! And even though it was absolutely disgusting and really expensive, I loved ordering the Flaming Moe’s!

I love riding rollercoasters so of course, we went on everything!  It was just a really fun time and I felt absolutely carefree!  We didn’t go to Disney World at all during Disney Princess Weekend, and I’m okay with that!

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that I really appreciated the kind, supportive words from my self-doubt post in last week’s Runfessions.  We are all on our own journeys and it’s only a waste of time and energy to compare yourself to anyone else.  Whether you run a 7-minute mile or a 17-minute mile, you are awesome!   I participated in the Disney Princess 10K last weekend and I saw so many diverse individuals on the course – some were sprinting, some were walking…but we were all heading to the finish line.  That’s what running is about.  And I feel absolutely silly now for worrying about my “credibility” as a runner because of my pace.  I work very hard and I’m proud of how much I’ve grown these past few years.  It’s amazing to know that I have inspired even one person to run.

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that I’ve decided to give up cookies and candy for Lent.  Last year I gave up alcohol, and that turned out to be a very successful endeavor.  This year, I know it’s going to be really tough, but I don’t like how much the sugar addiction has taken hold in my life!  So no more Twizzlers, Skittles, or Girl Scout Cookies, among other things.  I’m not saying no to all desserts, but anything where I can easily go from having one piece to an entire bag of sweets.  This happens more often than I care to admit, lol.  I’m really hoping that this will finally give me the push to prepare ALL the healthy snacks!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that the kittens are getting big!  When I returned from my Disney trip, Rosie came to the door and I was surprised to see how huge she is now!  And I was only gone for a few days! I know I sound silly as a “pet parent” but it’s just wonderful having these two kittens in our lives.  Since it’s been awhile, I thought I would share a couple more pictures of these adorable kitties!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…that I’d love to spend more time to chat but as you’re reading this, I’m living it up in the Big Easy!  No, I normally don’t go on vacation 2 weekends in a row, but if I can do it, why not?!  Bret and I are hoping to have a lovely time in New Orleans!  I will check for comments on this post, so if you have any last-minute suggestions on things to do/places to eat/places to avoid, please let me know!

What would you share with me over coffee?  Are you participating in Lent this year?

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