Buffalo Half Marathon Training Week 4 Recap

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Apr 24

I had a solid week of training for the Buffalo Half Marathon but my whole body is wrecked! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but after Sunday’s Parkway Classic 10 miler, all of my muscles are exhausted!

I’m joining Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC for her Weekly Training Recap linkup and HoHo and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap!  These are great ways to keep accountable and share your workouts with fellow runners!

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I'm training for the Buffalo Half Marathon coming up on May 28, 2017! Check out my weekly training recaps at runwithnoregrets.com!

Weekly Wrap: Parkway Classic

I’ll be sharing a full race recap of the Parkway Classic on Wednesday, but I still wanted to give a quick update on Sunday’s 10 mile race!  First, thank Mother Nature for NOT giving us a drop of rain!  Up to Friday, they were predicting rain all day in Alexandria, VA, but it was all done by early Sunday morning.  What a relief!

The course is full of rolling hills so it was pretty challenging!  Thankfully, I had a lot of runners around me that kept me motivated – and honest!  I didn’t feel my best during this one – and my knees are still hurting a day later, but I was determined to run strong.  I pushed really hard those last 3 miles surprised that I had more to give and of course, the last 0.25 miles were the longest!

I was less nervous about running this race than usual.  Since this wasn’t a goal race I had no pressure yet I was very curious to see if I could PR and beat last year’s soaking Broad Street Run.  I’m still awaiting official results, but according to my watch, I had about a 20 second PR!

I definitely recommend trying out this race if you live in the DC area.  I later heard that there was a bald eagle near the course – too cool!  The sights were wonderful and it was a great training run, especially since it was so tough.  I’m feeling more confident as I get closer to the Buffalo Half Marathon in late May, but I’m glad that I don’t have any more races for a while!!

Workouts for the Week

Monday 4/17:  An hour of lunchtime yoga.  We did a lot of twisting and balance in class that proved to be a challenge – my tree pose sucks!  When I got home from work, I did 4 easy miles with 4×30 second surges at a hard effort.  It was about 70 degrees but thankfully not humid – I felt really strong on this run!

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Tuesday 4/18:  My last yoga class with my favorite people for the foreseeable future…so sad!  It was a great class, always fun, always challenging.  My quads were really tight which I can only assume was from the previous day’s run.  After this week I’ll be back to playing softball with my coworkers, which unfortunately takes place on Tuesday evenings.

Wednesday 4/19:  Spin class after work.  I was pretty tired though and didn’t push it as hard as I usually do.  I got to class late so I had about 45 minutes of exercise…that was enough!

Thursday 4/20:  No workouts.

Friday 4/21:  I finally made it out for a run.  It was a beautiful, peaceful morning.  I had a 4-mile progression run on tap and this week it was a mission accomplished!  My splits were 11:41, 11:07, 10:19, and 9:24!

Saturday 4/22:  An easy 3-mile run.  It was very humid and about 50 degrees so it was very similar to the projected weather forecast on Sunday.  I had a lovely run!

Sunday 4/23:  The Parkway Classic 10 Miler!  I’ll have my recap posted on Wednesday!

One of my new favorite pictures!

Week 4 Report Card

This was a fantastic week of training!  I had a great mix of cross-training and running.  Everything felt pretty good for the most part, but I now know that I’m due for a new pair of running shoes – my Mizuno Wave Riders are officially done!  I’m very proud to have had another strong race.  I’m honestly in disbelief that things are going so well – this week gets an easy A+!

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How was your week of working out?  Did a last-minute change in weather ever change your outlook for a race?

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