March Monthly Goal Recap and April Running Goals

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Apr 05

According to my calendar, it’s April.  I don’t know how this happened…do you?

Time continues to fly, and we are now in the second quarter of 2017.  With the start of a new month, I’d like to look back on the running and fitness goals I set for March and share how I plan to tackle April.  I’ve been doing these goal recaps on the blog for the past few months and it really helps with accountability…I highly recommend it!

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March Running Goal Recap

March was an extremely busy month.  I had a long weekend in New Orleans for vacation and a long conference in Kansas City.  Thankfully, I was able to get in some great runs in both cities!  I also had 2 half marathons (one in DC) and a 50-floor stair climb!  And on top of that, I had one of the busiest months at work that I’ve had in a while.  So how did I do on the goals that I set for March?

  • Run 2 solid half marathons.  A+.  I’m extremely pleased that the Rock ‘N Roll DC and the Love Run were a success!  While RNR DC was tough due to the cold weather, I think I held my own, especially with all the evil rolling hills!  And I’m still amazed by how well I raced the Love Run!  I couldn’t be happier!
  • Plank 10 minutes per week.  F.  I scheduled time on my phone and my calendar at work to plank but it rarely happened.  And when I did plank, it was usually during yoga class and I didn’t track the time.  I definitely need to do more core work, but I have to find a more realistic way to get it done.
  • Prepare 10 healthy meals and snacks in March.  C.  I knew this would be a challenge with so much travel, but I did make a few tasty dinners featuring pork chops and tilapia.  I have also continued my commitment to stay away from Twizzlers and other addictive sweets and brought my lunch to work probably 90% of the time.  At my dietitian appointment, I learned that I gained a few pounds between January and March, so I know I need to rein it in.
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April Running Goals

So how do I plan to make things better in April?  I want to carry my momentum from March (I ran about 79 miles) and clean up my bad habits.  Less takeout, less alcohol, more strength training.  Here are my specific goals outlined below:

My running and fitness goals for April!

  • Foam roll after every run.  I have been VERY lazy about foam rolling, and I’m worried that if I don’t make it a routine, I could expose myself to a future injury.  Coach Laura always recommends me to foam roll post-run, but I’ve been slacking!
  • Plank 5 minutes per week.  Last month I tried 10 minutes a week, but 5 minutes is much more realistic.  I’ll use my Passion Planner to track my planking times so that I stay more accountable!
  • Meal prep and plan 3 dinners per week.  I know, I know…this is always a problem for me.  But I’m going to keep trying to make this work.  I’ll be home much more frequently during the month of April, so I’ll have plenty of time to get my cooking in order.  I actually enjoy cooking but do much better with a plan!  Wish me luck!

How did you do in March?  What is one of your goals for April?

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