Peace of Mind While on the Run: RoadID Wrist ID Elite Review

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Apr 13

Disclaimer: I received the Road ID Wrist ID Elite wristband to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a keen awareness of safety as a runner.  While there are many precautions that you can take when heading out on a run outside, some experiences are beyond our control – for example, getting attacked or hit by a vehicle while running through no fault of your own.  Sadly, we see these types of stories on the news every day.

If somehow you were injured while on the run and you needed medical attention, what would you do?  How would you contact your loved ones?  That’s where RoadID comes in.  Since getting the Wrist ID Elite, I’ve been wearing it on every run and it truly gives me peace of mind.  I’m happy to share my review with you!

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Getting Hurt While on the Run…My Biggest Fear

Being safe while on the run is extremely important to me.  I’ve previously written posts about what NOT to do when running in the dark and how running with Knuckle Lights can help you safely navigate the roads.  Taking the precautions in these posts have really helped me feel safer and more secure, especially when running alone at night.

But runners can be compromised or get hurt in broad daylight.  I’ve had many close calls getting hit by a car just from crossing the street.  What if I have a serious collision where I get injured and need to go to the hospital?  Or even scarier, what if I suddenly collapse in the middle of a run?  How will my loved runs be notified?

That’s why I’m glad to now be wearing a RoadID on my runs.  The RoadID lists your name, emergency contacts, and any other important health information that a medical professional may need, such as blood type, known allergies, heart conditions, etc.  If anything were to happen to me on the run, my loved ones will be notified and it’ll be easier for first responders to provide the care that I need.

RoadID Wrist ID Elite


The RoadID Wrist ID Elite is just one of many products in the RoadID lineup.  Unlike the Wrist ID Slim and Wrist ID Sport, you can cut the bracelet to fit the size of your wrist.  I bought the Slim model years and unfortunately purchased a size too small, so I never wore it, which is really a shame.  This RoadID has a safety latch and clasp that fastens the Wrist ID Elite and keeps it securely in place.

The Wrist ID Elite is not just for runners but cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, skiers – any “outdoor enthusiast”.  I absolutely love this list from RoadID on why you should wear one:

  1. If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.
  2. Road ID enables First Responders to immediately contact family members and friends.
  3. Road ID enables family members to provide additional details about your health or give consent for potentially life saving procedures.
  4. Road ID enables hospital staff to locate vital medical records.
  5. Road ID can communicate medical conditions or allergy information to medical staff.
  6. Road ID can prevent serious delays in treatment by saving crucial time during the “golden hour” of medical treatment.
  7. It’s far better to have Road ID and not need it than to need Road ID and not have it. It’s not just a piece of gear, it’s peace of mind.
  8. Accidents happen far more than you think they do. Each year approximately 450,000 of us are taken to hospitals unconscious and without identification.
  9. Road ID looks good on and makes a statement about your athletic lifestyle – not to mention that studies would probably prove that people that wear Road ID are considerably smarter than those that don’t.
  10. Road ID can save your Life. Period.
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The Customization Process

The great thing about RoadID is that you can always make it your own.  There are a variety of colors, finishes (including leather), and badges to choose from with the Wrist ID Elite – it really took me a long time to make a decision on what I wanted!  The possibilities truly are endless!  For my bracelet, I decided to go with:

  • Wrist ID Elite in Black with classic faceplate and strap (boring, I know)
  • Black “Run” Elite Badge
  • Wrist Band Elite Mystery Grab Bag – 3 for the price of 1! (I ended up with green, orange, and chevron)

RoadID provides guidance on what information to include on your personalized faceplate, line by line.  With a $9.99 annual membership, you can create your own emergency response profile and include medical insurance, allergies, and medication that you can update at any time.

Once I made my order, the process was simple: email communication was prompt and I received the RoadID in a week’s time.

Assembling the Wrist ID Elite

The first step in wearing the RoadID is putting it together!  I have to honestly say that this was the most frustrating part of the process.  I’m probably the most mechanically-challenged person I know, so it was a real struggle to assemble my wristband.  You have to carefully cut the band to size in order to fit your wrist, but it takes MUCH longer than I expected.  As you can see in the photo above, it’s a bit of a meticulous process, especially if your wrists are on the smaller side!

Fortunately, there’s a Youtube video that shows you how it’s done – I’m sure that would have helped me out a great deal!

Wearing the Wrist ID Elite

Complicated assembly aside, I have worn the Wrist ID Elite on a few of my runs over the past couple of weeks now and I love it!  It is very lightweight and I found myself forgetting it was on!  The farthest I’ve run with it has been a 10K, but I think this will work great on my long runs too.

It’s easy to put on and take off and it comes in a protective case that will ensure that I don’t lose it!  I haven’t yet cut the sizes of my additional bands, but it’s easy to remove the faceplate and badge so interchanging the bands should be a breeze, once they’re properly cut to size!  The band also looks very easy to clean – as the weather gets more hot and humid, cleaning off the sweat will be essential!

My Takeaways

Worked well on my 10K race – that I happened to PR!

RoadID is a great brand and I’m glad to be wearing the Wrist ID Elite during my runs.  While I may have a crowded left wrist these days, it’s worth it!  The band is light and stays securely and comfortably in place.  I will have to switch out my bands soon to add a little bit more color to my running outfits!  I highly recommend adding a RoadID to your running ensemble!

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Get $5 Towards Your Own RoadID!

I’m so excited to be able to share a special $5 gift card towards your purchase of a RoadID!  Simply go to and enter your information to get started!  I’m going to use it to buy a new RoadID for my boyfriend – I know he’ll like the design of the Wrist ID Elite much better than the previous style I got for him!

Whether you want to admit it or not, so many things can happen to you while you’re out on the run…it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Do you own a RoadID?  Have you ever had a situation where you wish you had one?  Please share your experiences.

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