Buffalo Half Marathon Training Week 5 Recap

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May 01

The Buffalo Half Marathon is less than a month away!  I’m excited for what lies ahead, but there’s still plenty of work to do!

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I'm training for the Buffalo Half Marathon coming up on May 28, 2017! Check out my weekly training recaps at runwithnoregrets.com!

Weekly Wrap: Home for the Weekend

As I mentioned in last week’s Runfessions, I’ve been so busy this year traveling on vacation and for races and it has been a bit stressful to be away from home so often.  I’m SO HAPPY that I’ll be local these next few weeks before heading up to the Buffalo Half Marathon. So what types of things did I do over the weekend?  On Friday night after work, Bret and I met for Happy Hour in South Philly – we had a nice time and a change of scenery.  Then we went to Manayunk for another drink and ended the day with some ice cream!

On Friday night after work, Bret and I met for Happy Hour in South Philly – we had a nice time and a change of scenery.  Then we went to Manayunk for another drink and ended the day with some ice cream!

Saturday, of course, is long run day, but Bret wanted to do some gardening first and asked me to help.  He is the one with the green thumb, not me…but I’m trying to do my part.  I helped him transplant some tomato and pepper plants.  We have so much going on in our garden – veggies, berries, and lots of flowers.  I need to take some pictures so you can see how it all looks, but I will say that our neighbors are liking what they see!

And one of my favorite things to do on the weekend is simply RELAX and watch TV and I did plenty of that!  I got to enjoy a few more episodes of Frasier, Designated Survivor (we’re almost all caught up!), and the newest season of The Leftovers – such a creepy show haha!  What shows are you watching these days?

In any event, it was a nice and easy weekend and it was great to be home!

Workouts for the Week

Monday 4/24:  Rest day!  My body needed a break after the Parkway Classic 10 Miler!

Tuesday 4/25:  Thanks to the rain, softball was canceled and I was able to go to yoga class!  It was a great practice.  I honestly wanted to take it easy but I learned a few new “tricks” that got me excited!  We tried the chin stand and that was impossible for me to do, but I was able to go from a headstand position to a plank!  My legs weren’t all the way in the air when I was in the headstand, but still!  My hips and quads also got a great stretch.

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Wednesday 4/26:  I completely forgot about spin class so I missed out on that.  No workouts.

Thursday 4/27:  I needed to do some strength training so since I was having a long, dull day at work, I did a few exercises in my office – squat jumps, pushups, lunges, planks.  After work, Bret and I went for a 3 mile run together and then went out to dinner at our favorite local spot for flatbreads and beer.

Friday 4/28:  I had a very busy day at work and wasn’t feeling well, so I passed on my planned 3-mile run.

Saturday 4/29:  8 mile long run at Pennypack Park!  I hadn’t been there since running the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon last June.  It’s such a great place to run but we had a late start which made the heat and humidity brutal!  It was tough, but we got it done.

Sunday 4/30:  For the first time in weeks I was back in barre class!  I knew I would be rusty so I used the 2-pound weights…I made the right move!  Lots of lunges, planks, pushups, glute work, and that was before we went to the barre!  I was pretty tired after class, but in the evening I got a second wind and went for a 3-mile run in my neighborhood.  It felt great!

Week 5 Report Card

This was a nice, “easier” week of training after the Parkway Classic, and it was just what my body needed.  Being able to go to yoga and barre always makes me happy since I get to work so many different muscles.  I’m also pleased with my runs for the week, even though they weren’t easy with the weather we’ve had lately!  I’m going to give week 5 of training an A!

PS, tomorrow is the Tunes Tuesday linkup with Kimberly and Steff!  This week we’re sharing our favorite motivational songs – I really hope you join us and link up!

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How was your week of working out?

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