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May 30

Do you have any favorite musicians who you love their music but can’t stand them as a person?  For me, that’s Kanye West.

It’s time for another Tunes Tuesday linkup with Steff from Run Steff Run and Kimberly from Kooky Runner!  We’re so excited to have you share your favorite music with us each week!  Since there are 5 Tuesdays this month, the theme this week is wide open!

Last January, I made a Tunes Tuesday post dedicated to Missy Elliott.  This month, I’m sharing some appreciation for the infamous Kanye West.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Tunes Tuesday:  Kanye West Appreciation

Kanye West first hit the scene when I was in high school – which was nearly 15 years ago!  What I loved about Kanye back then was that he was different from all of the other rappers that were out – his music seemed more introspective and he had his own sense of style.  I loved the way he would incorporate samples of old-school music in his work and create really interesting music videos.  I also liked that he was outspoken…to a point.

Over the years, obviously, Kanye had put his foot in his mouth time and time again.  And unfortunately, all of his outbursts got to the point where I just couldn’t take him seriously as an artist anymore.  Not that he’s hurting from my lack of support, ha!  But for years I completely lost interest in Kanye’s music, which is a shame, because I do think he’s talented, although, he takes himself WAY too seriously.

So for this week’s Tunes Tuesday, I thought I would take a look back at why I enjoyed Kanye so much and try to explore some of his newer music that I “abandoned” in his post-Kardashian life.  Hopefully you’ll find a few to add to your running or workout playlist!

My Favorite Kanye West Songs

For this week's Tunes Tuesday I'm sharing a few favorite songs to run/workout to by Kanye West! Find more running playlists at

The College Dropout

Jesus Walks – Just a really well-written song and great motivation to run!

The  New Workout Plan – This is a silly song but I’ve enjoyed running to this one!

Through the Wire – Kanye’s first single, still a classic!

Late Registration

Touch the Sky – I’m pretty sure this used to be my ringtone back in the day!  It also is the introduction of Lupe Fiasco, another great artist.

Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix) – This version features Jay-Z, which completely elevates the song!

We Major – This song features Nas and has so many layers that I really enjoy.  Great for a long run!


Can’t Tell Me Nothing –  Just the chorus is all I need!  Great song.

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Stronger – Oh we all know this one!  And you know I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk!

Homecoming – Definitely one of my favorites, featuring Chris Martin.

808’s and Heartbreak

Heartless – This took a long time to grow on me, but now I’m gaining more appreciation of this album!

Love Lockdown – The percussion is great in this song!

Amazing – This is always playing on my Pandora station, I’m hooked!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

All of the Lights – You can put Rihanna on anything and the song will kill!

POWER – Another great anthem with some great lyrics.

Lost in the World – This song is almost like an interlude in itself but there’s a lot going on in the song and I love it!


On Sight – I appreciate Kanye switching things up a bit, but I still need to listen to this album a few more times.

Bound 2 – Good song for the cooldown with those great old-school samples.

The Life of Pablo

Feedback – I like the songs that are a little more uptempo on this album.

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What Kanye West songs do you enjoy? What music are you adding to your playlist lately?

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