5 Favorite Spring Races You Should Run Next Year

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | race recap

Jun 23

The spring racing season is finally over!  After a busy season, I thought it would be fun to share my 5 favorite spring races that I recommend checking out next year!  It’s never too early to plan for your next race!

I’m joining Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0!  Check out my list and let me know your picks!

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5 Favorite Spring Races to Check Out in 2018

2017 was an extremely busy year for me on the racing circuit.  I traveled to 4 differents states and Washington, D.C. in addition to racing in my home state of Pennsylvania.  In total, I ran:

  • 1 5K
  • 2 10K’s
  • 1 10 miler
  • 4 half marathons
  • 1 Ragnar Relay

Every race wasn’t perfect, but I’m proud of my accomplishments.  And as I look back, there were 5 races in particular that I really enjoyed above all others and would highly recommend to anyone and everyone who loves to run.  I’m starting with #5 and moving up to my #1 pick!

5.  Parkway Classic 10 Miler – Alexandria, Virginia

Date:  April 22, 2018

My recap:  I heard so many great things from Coco about this race that when the opportunity presented itself, I had to go for it! This is a point-to-point race that runs along the George Washington Parkway.  There is also a 5K and Kids Dash that takes place the same weekend.  I had a fun time during this race, even with the rolling hills!

Pros:  Scenic course, free photos, lots of free beer – all at a great price point.

Cons:  Rough pavement, some confusing road splits on the course.

Bottom line:  This race is pretty under the radar but it’s very well organized!  If you’re local to the DMV, add it to your list!

4.  Love Run Half Marathon – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date: March 25, 2018

My recap:  This race gave me hope that I would finally get my half marathon PR.  I felt amazing from beginning to the end – it really was the perfect race for me, and so fitting because Philadelphia is where I’ve fallen in love with running.  There is also a half marathon relay option – I ran that the year before and had fun!

Pros:  Improved course with not too many killer hills, free photos, tons of great swag.

Cons:  Crowded course, rough Philly streets.

Bottom line:  If you’re in Philly, you MUST run this race!  It’s definitely becoming one of Philly’s signature races!

3.  Disney Enchanted 10K/Princess Weekend – Orlando, Florida

Date: February 23-25, 2018

My recap:  I never thought I’d be a “runDisney” kind of gal, but I had a really fun time with my sister at the 5K (as a spectator) and the 10K (as a runner).  There was such a positive, fun atmosphere during the race and it was cool to run through Epcot!  I bet the half marathon, which runs through the Magic Kingdom, is even better!  I know it’s technically not spring yet, but

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Pros:  Escaping the winter cold in February, a 5:30-6:30 am start that gives you have the rest of the day to explore the parks, gorgeous medals and all the swag you’d ever want!

Cons:  Expensive, crowded if you start farther back in the pack.

Bottom line:  This is a bucket list race – I honestly believe that if you can afford it, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot miss!

2.  Buffalo Half Marathon – Buffalo, New York

Date: May 27, 2018

My recap:  I’m so glad that I was able to run the Buffalo Half Marathon – it’s the city where I was born and raised and it was incredible to be able to finally PR the half marathon distance in my hometown!  You get a great tour of the nice parts of Buffalo on a relatively flat course.  There is also a full marathon and a 5K.

Pros:  Great bang for your buck, free pizza and beer at the finish, and an overall scenic course, especially if you run the full marathon.

Cons:  A few potholes along the way.

Bottom line:  This race just oozes local charm.  Add this one to your list, you won’t regret it!

1.  Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Date: TBD

My recap:  The Ragnar Relay has been a dream race for me almost as long as I’ve been running.  I was so glad to get to experience the run from Lancaster to Mt. Pocono with the City Fit Girls – best team ever!   The course was extremely hilly but there were runs through cities, farmland, and a few wooded trails that made it fun.

Pros:  Amazing scenery, memorable bonding experiences, challenging in more ways than one.

Cons:  Very expensive, running in the dark is a little scary.

Bottom line:  This is a fun experience worth doing at least once!  If you don’t want to run in PA, check out any race in the country that catches your eye – I’m already on the hunt for my next Ragnar!

What races did you run in the spring that you’d recommend for 2018?  Have you run any of the races that are on my list?

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