June Monthly Goal Recap and July Running Goals

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | injury prevention

Jul 03

July is here!  I hope you’re having a wonderful Independence Day weekend if you celebrate!  How does it feel to have June in the rear-view mirror?

I’m joining Ange and Carmy for the Monthly Goals Linkup! Head over to their sites and see how everyone is doing with their goals!  And for the first time in several weeks, I’m also linking up with HoHo and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap!

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June Running Goal Recap

June was a pretty decent month of running.  Obviously, it was the beginning of my running off-season, so I only ended up with 46.4 miles for the month and that’s fine with me!  I’m happy to have run a pretty good half marathon in Seattle, the Ragnar Relay in Pennsylvania was an unforgettable experience, and I really have no serious complaints!  Here’s how I did with my goals for June.

  • Take yoga and/or barre once a week.  Grade: B.  I took 2 barre classes and 3 yoga classes in the month of June, not bad since I did have my weekend out of town in Seattle.  In the first week of June, I didn’t do any cross-training as I was recovering from Ragnar.  But now that softball is over (oh PS -we won the championship again!), I’ll be able to go back to my favorite yoga class after work and I’ve set the stage to take yoga and/or barre 3 times a week.
  • Focus on cooking meals with the farm produce and meat shares.  Grade:  B.  The farm share is in full swing and I’m happy to say that we’re off to a great start by using almost all of our veggies from our first share.  We’ve used the ingredients in our eggs, made home fries, bean burgers, and salads.  We also had our first meal with the meat share – catfish!  Now I’m getting ready for a smoothie kick to use up all these beets!
  • Dedicate more time to self-care.  Grade:  A.  I’m really happy that I made this a goal for June.  I went to a lovely Spa Day event hosted by fellow blogger Arlett from Chasing Joy – we had a meditation practice and I got a nice massage.  I even won a gift certificate to the spa to go back!  I’ve also made a more conscious effort to eliminate unnecessary stress.  I’ve been much more hands-off when it comes to certain projects and not letting things bother me as much…it wasn’t good for my health.  I’ve also spent much more quality time with friends – including a Badass Babes dinner with bloggers – and with Bret.
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July Running Goals

Now that July is here and it’s officially the summer, I have some new goals for the month – check them out!

Check out my running goals for the month of July! Check out more running fun at runwithnoregrets.com!

  • Run up to 40 miles in July.  Just because I’m in my off-season, it doesn’t mean that I want to fall completely off the wagon when it comes to running.  I actually just bought a Garmin watch and I look forward to figuring out how the heck to use it this month!  I’m looking forward to simply having fun on my runs!
  • Do knee rehab exercises 2x weekly.  As I mentioned in my Runfessions post, I’m a little worried about my knee.  Runner’s knee is not fun so it’s time to nip it in the bud!  I have some exercises to do and I’ll be adding it to my planner to make sure they get done!
  • Continue cooking meals with the farm produce and meat shares.   Nutrition is extremely important and you’ve all seen me struggle with this…we’ve had some good momentum in June so I need to keep at it in the month of July!  I’ve also leaned far too much on eating sweets when in need of a snack, so I’ll be looking to make some of my own healthier options!
  • Focus on quality family time.  I’m loving all of the quality time I’ve picked up since getting off a training plan.  I know that I missed out on a lot while I was traveling for races on the weekends or spending a couple of hours on my long runs every Saturday morning.  Family is the most important thing, and I will absolutely make it my #1 priority!

How did you do with your healthy goals for June?  What are your goals for July?

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