Rock ‘N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Week 5

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | training

Aug 28

After being short on miles the past couple of weeks, I’ve finally gotten it together for week 5 of training for the RNR Brooklyn Half Marathon!  Let me tell you all about it!

Once again, I’m joining Hoho and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap!  It’s such a great linkup where dozens of awesome running and healthy living bloggers participate and share what’s going on in their active lives each week!  Teresa @ Finding Fabulous at Fifty is this week’s guest host!

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Weekly Wrap:  A Weekend at Home

If you’ve read my weekly wrap posts from the past couple of weeks, you know that I’ve been pretty busy traveling on the weekends!  I had a great time in Kansas City and Nebraska, and last weekend I spent my birthday celebrating in Bucks County, PA and across the board in New Jersey.  This past weekend, however, I was finally able to stay close to home, and it was just what I needed!

On Friday, I finally made my way to the mall –  my sister and I went shopping and I was finally able to buy some much-needed clothing for work, plus some cute pieces to wear in “real life”.  I was able to catch some crazy deals, which never happens to me!  Now that things are stepping up for me in my project manager position at work, I felt it was time for a bit of a “fashion makeover”.  I’m learning from my sis that this process takes time…so I think I’m going to try to buy less, but shop more frequently…it’s so unlike me!  What places do you like to shop for professional wear that is a bit higher quality but not crazy expensive?  I’d love any recommendations!

Time at home also means more time to spend on the grill.  A couple of weeks ago we got a HUGE slab of ribs in my farmshare and Bret has been champing at the bit to get it on the grill!  Well, he finally made it happen and it was fall-off-the-bone delicious!  I wish I had a photo of it, but trust me…it was amazing!  And who doesn’t love grilled corn on the cob?  That’s always a favorite!

On another note, my sister and I watched an episode of “Raven’s Home”, the new Disney show that revisits “That’s So Raven” as a divorced single mom and I have to admit, it’s really funny!  The kid actors are really good and Raven is still hamming it up in that way I love.  Unlike Fuller House and Girl Meets World, they finally got it right!

Clearly, my weekend was very relaxing, lol!

Workouts for the Week

Monday 8/21:  Rest day!

Tuesday 8/22:  It was a super hot and humid day and I was due for a tempo run.  I thought about switching to an easy run, but I’m glad I pushed through and made this run happen!  I did 1 warmup mile and then ran 2 x 10 minutes at 9:20-9:30 pace…it was really hard!  Ten minutes never felt so long, especially when I only got a 2-minute break in between!

Wednesday 8/23:  I went to yoga and barre fusion class at the studio.  I was a little out of my element as it had been a little while since I’ve been to barre or yoga, but I held my own, I think!  I humbled myself by using the 2-pound weights and I’m glad that I did because Crystal really worked our shoulders!  For some reason, the barre work felt a bit “off”…while all the glute work kept the shakes going strong, lol!

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Thursday 8/24:  I was pretty sore from Wednesday’s barre class, but I ended up taking barre class again!  Why?  Because after Thursday’s class, several of us were going to take an Uber to Chinatown for karoake, aka barre-oke!  The class itself was tough since I was so fatigued…even the light weights were too heavy, haha.  I was nervous about karaoke with virtual strangers, lol, but I’m glad I went!  I had a fun time with the ladies and even sang a few songs, lol.  The songs from Destiny’s Child, early JT, and early Britney were my favorite!

Friday 8/25:  I had the day off and I made it out for a morning run on Forbidden Drive.  The weather was perfect and it was a peaceful, slow, easy run.  Just what I needed!  My legs were pretty beat!

Saturday 8/26:  Normally I run long on Saturdays but my buddy Mark was running on Sunday so I  ran 4 easy miles in the afternoon.  It was a newish route for me, but a nice challenge.

Sunday 8/27:  Mark and I met up a little after 7:30 on a cool morning to tackle the Schuylkill River Loop.  He’s training for the Philly Marathon and had 12 miles on tap; we ended up running 8.5 together.  He’s my very first running buddy and it’s been ages since we’ve trained together.  He’s doing really well with his runs and getting a bit too speedy for me lol, so he kept things interesting.  As usual, we talked a ton about work and running, were entertained by passersby, and the miles flew by.  I felt really good except my knees were killing me at the end from the pavement…I’ve been spoiled from my current neighborhood!  I made sure to do all my major runner’s knee exercises!

Week 5 Report Card

I’m extremely pleased with my training this past week!  My mileage was on point, I cross-trained (even though it did tire me out a bit!), and my paces were better than last week.  Running faster paces is definitely intimidating, and this coming week has some speed work that already has me shaking in my boots, but all I can do is give it my best effort!  The Rock ‘n Roll Montreal Half Marathon is now less than a month away and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes!  In the meantime, I’m giving week 5 an A and I’m hoping to keep up the momentum as I finally hit double digits this weekend!

How was your week of workouts?  What’s your go-to karaoke song?

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