October Running Goals and September Recap

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Oct 04

With a new month, it’s time to set some new running goals!

How did September fly by so quickly?  Now we’re in October and I’m getting my plan together in order to have a great month of running before I finally reach my post-season!  What are your running goals for the month?

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September Running Goal Recap

When I look back at September, I think about all of the hard work that I did for my training for the Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon.  I had several tough runs, including the hot and humid Rock ‘n Roll Montreal Half Marathon, and all of my long runs were in the double digits.  I didn’t quite make my goal of 100 miles for the month, clocking in under 93 miles.  Here’s a look at the goals that I had for September:

  • Have fun at the Rock ‘n Roll Montreal Half Marathon:  Grade:  B+.  I loved getting to run my first international race in Canada, but the weather really dampened my spirits and made this race really tough mentally.  But I DID have fun, especially since I finally got to meet Kim from Kookyrunner and Bret and I overall had a lovely racecation in Montreal.
  • Do Runner’s Knee prevention exercises 1x/week:  Grade:  F.  My knee pain has only gotten worse, and it’s because I have NOT been doing my exercises or foam rolling consistently. I can only blame myself on this one.  I also didn’t get in much barre in the past month.
  • Practice yoga 1x/week:  Grade:  C.  I went to yoga 3 out of 5 weeks in September.  I ended up missing a few of the lunchtime classes because I was either busy at work or on vacation.  The last couple of weeks I have been on a roll though, and my body needs it!
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October Running Goals


  • Give my best effort at the Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon:  This is the big goal race!  I’m nervous as always, but I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to run a strong race in Brooklyn.  It’ll be my first time running in NYC, so I hope there are plenty of spectators to keep up the energy!  And weather gods, please be kind!
  • Foam roll every day in October:  I have been SO bad about this.  I even bought a new Foam Roller that works great, but I’m not using it enough.  I’ve already downloaded an app to track that I am doing this daily…so I really plan on FINALLY making it part of my daily routine!
  • Find the right running shoes and buy MULTIPLE pairs:  I’ve been complaining about my Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s for awhile since they have never worked great for me..but now they’ve moved on to the 21’s and the 19’s are impossible to find in my size without paying a fortune.  My goal is to transition to some new shoes and buy at least 2 pairs so I don’t get stuck again!  Any neutral runners have shoe recommendations??

How did you do with your running goals in September?  What goals are you working towards this October?

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