Runfessions – October 2017

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Oct 27

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last runfessions post!

It’s the last Friday of October, and I’m joining Marcia for one of my favorite linkups:  Runfessions!  This is an opportunity to get a few things off my chest.  I’m also linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday 5 2.0!  I have 5 running confessions that I’d like to share since entering my running “off-season”, maybe you can relate?  Keep reading to check it out and see what other runfessions folks are sharing!

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The last Friday of the month means it's time for Runfessions, and this month, I'm talking about self-doubt as a runner. Time for some real talk!

Runfessions for October

Still a Little Bummed About Brooklyn

I hate starting on a negative note, but it’s been almost 2 weeks since I ran the Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon and I have to runfess that I’m still a little disappointed in my race performance.  My running goal for 2017 was to run a sub-2:15 half marathon.  And out of the 6 halfs I ran this year, I achieved my goal 4 times, including in Brooklyn!  But I can’t help but have a few regrets (I know…so unlike me and the name of my blog!).  I wonder if I looked at my Garmin more frequently whether I would have been able to kick it up a notch and push myself a little harder in those last couple of tough miles.  I wonder if I could have at least hit 2:10 if I didn’t walk through a couple of water stations, which I only do in the rarest of circumstances.  Grrr!  There’s no point dwelling on the past.  The weather made for a tough race, but I’m proud that I stayed strong as long as I did.  I just need to remember to dig deep when it gets really tough!  Plus, I can still say that I got my half marathon PR in my hometown!

I Miss Saturday Long Runs

Last weekend I went to the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival with my sister (and it was AMAZING) – but it was the first Saturday in who knows how long where I didn’t have a long run on my schedule to start the day.  And it was WEIRD!  I am a creature of habit, so I will definitely look to keep my Saturday morning runs (though probably not in the double digits for a while) since it’s something I really look forward to.  I’m also really looking forward to Saturday runs because we’re FINALLY getting real fall weather!  This is what I’ve been waiting for!  So I will definitely look to explore some new trails over the next couple of months and enjoy the beautiful foliage!

I’m Feeling a Bit Out of Shape

Now that I’m not on an official training plan, it’s time for me to finally get back to some of the other workouts I love, like yoga and barre.  Since I was half marathon training, I’ve been especially scarce in barre class, so I finally went back last Friday for the first time in over a month.  Let me tell you…use it or lose it is a real thing!  When I was going to barre regularly, I was very comfortable with the 3# weights and I could really feel my body becoming more sculpted.  Now, I’m struggling with the 2# weights and shaking a lot more than I used to.  Barre is always challenging, especially as it works my hips unlike any other workout, but I was definitely feeling weaker than I like in the class.  It was a wakeup call that I need to focus on strengthening my core and upper body, so I’ll be adding that to my goals for next month, which I’ll share on the blog soon!

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My Food Habits Have Been Atrocious

I didn’t use as much cheese..but this is so good!

There really is no excuse, but I have to admit that I have not been cooking much these past couple of months.  At a minimum, I used to be good at packing my own lunches, but I’ve been getting WAY too much takeout lately.  The good news is that I actually made this amazing three cheese spaghetti squash lasagna this week that took forever to make but was delicious and really inspired me to get back on the healthy cooking train.  I enjoy cooking, but it’s so TIME-consuming, and time management is always a challenge, especially as my work and outside of work activities continue to get busier.

So if you have any tips on making healthy meals when you’re time-crunched, please share – I promise that I will actually heed your advice!  Now that November is almost here, it’s a good time to start fresh!

I’ve Got a Spring Racing Surprise

Alright, here goes…I’m making it official:  I plan to train for my second ever full marathon in spring 2018!  My first was the Philadelphia Marathon in November 2016, which was such an amazing experience.  I recently re-read the recap and got in all my feeelings again, lol.  For the past few months, I’ve been seriously thinking about running another marathon, and all of the recaps from my blogger friends about Berlin, Chicago, and MCM have really inspired me to take that step forward!

Now, if you know me, you know that I LOVE running in the winter – it is actually my favorite time of the year to run and train, and clearly, my body enjoys running races in the spring!  But I am definitely nervous about training for a marathon in the winter.  Plus, I haven’t decided which race I want to do.  I’ve thought about the Delaware Coastal Marathon, the New Jersey Marathon, the Vermont City Marathon, and even the Pittsburgh Marathon.  I obviously want to PR for this race, but I have no idea which race to choose.  Please share your recommendations!  I’d like to stay on the east coast!

How has running been for you lately?  What runfessions do you have to share? 

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