Tunes Tuesday: Current Favorites from George Michael and TLC

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | music

Nov 07

Need some new music for your runs?  Let the Tunes Tuesday linkup add some spice to your playlist – this week, I’m featuring a couple of my current favorites and as usual, I’m pretty random with some George Michael and TLC!

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And in case you missed it – here are my previous current favorite tunes:

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Tunes Tuesday: Random Current Favorites

If you’ve read my Tunes Tuesday posts, you know that I have an extremely…eclectic taste in music!  So why not continue to show that off!  Lately, I’ve been on a TLC and George Michael kick.  Do you ever get in a mood where you want to listen to a certain artist that you haven’t heard in a while and you end up listening to their entire music catalog?  That’s what happened to me recently, and I ended up falling in love with TLC all over again!

As for George Michael, my next door neighbor is OBSESSED with him!  George Michael is a little bit before my time and I don’t have too many memories of hearing his music around the house growing up.  Last Friday, I was invited over with some other neighbors to watch George Michael’s documentary and learn more about the man, the myth and the legend LOL…it was actually really good and opened my eyes to some music!

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So here are a couple of tunes from TLC and George Michael that I’ve been listening to/appreciating lately!

George Michael ft. Mary J. Blige – As

Stevie Wonder killed it on this song first, but I love this cover by George Michael and Mary J. Blige.  Seeing the music video again definitely brought back some memories!  GM definitely had that blue-eyed soul, but what I like about him is that he was genuine and not just “playing the role” like some other artists.

George Michael – Freedom! ’90

This is such a great song!  It was really interesting to learn that for this album, George Michael refused to do any promotion….thus, all the supermodels in this video.

TLC –  Way Back

TLC has come out with their final album, and while I was a little unsure about them working with Snoop Dogg, I do like this song and music video!  They’ve still got it, and hello Chilli’s abs!

TLC – Damaged


This song is from the 3D album, which was released shortly after the death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.  I don’t know why, but I have really been jamming to this song lately!  I’m just going to ignore the ridiculous outfits, lol!

What music are you currently enjoying?  What do you listen to when you run, if anything at all?

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