2017 Racing Awards

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | race recap

Dec 19

It’s almost over.  We are in the last few days of 2017 but there’s still some time for reflection!

I’ve been enjoying completing this annual survey of Racing Awards created by Erika of MCM Mama Runs.  I’ve completed it in 2014, 2015, and 2016, so let’s keep the streak going!  What were your favorite races this year?

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I'm looking back and sharing the favorite things about my favorite races in 2017! Check out more running fun at runwithnoregrets.com!

2017 Racing Awards

2017 was a very busy year of running, and I’m so grateful I was able to do so much this year and grab a few PR’s along the way.  I can’t believe that I was able to do as much as I participated in:

  • One stair climb
  • 2 5K’s (with PR)
  • 1 8K
  • 3 10K’s (with PR)
  • 1 10 miler (with PR)
  • 1 Ragnar Relay
  • 6 half marathons (with PR)

I ran races in Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, New York, Washington, Nebraska, Florida, and Montreal.  It has really been a great year!  So what were my favorite races in 2017?

Most Scenic Course:  Ragnar Relay

Similar to where I ran

Running from Lancaster, PA to the Poconos made for some really scenic runs.  And somehow in those 2 days of running, the weather ranged from scorching hot to pouring rain!  I didn’t take any pictures while I was running but as I got to see my teammates along the way we all had some gorgeous scenery to enjoy!

Most Challenging Course:  Rock ‘n Roll DC, Montreal, Brooklyn

I really had to think hard about this one but a few of the Rock ‘n Roll half marathons I ran this year really kicked my butt!  I ran RNR DC in 2016 and had a blast, but when I ran it this year, it was SO much harder – the temps were freezing and the hills seemed so much steeper…and endless!

Montreal had different challenges…the course was boring as heck and the crowds were relentless from beginning to end.  Oh yeah…and that heat and humidity!  On a cooler day, I really think I could have smoked that race.

Was it naive to think that I could PR a race where the last 3 miles are uphill?  Possibly.  RNR Brooklyn started out great but dragged on in the middle and was mentally and physically tough at the end, thanks to that huge hill in Prospect Park!

Best Course Support (aid stations, volunteers, people cheering you on, etc):

Most of the races I ran this year had pretty good course support, but the best was probably the Love Run in March and the Rothman 8K in November.  Philly is very good to its runners and always provide great support!

Best Expo:  Disney Princess

If you know me you know that I’m not crazy about Race Expos, but despite the crowds, Disney was definitely one of the best.  I mean, I was able to get a Beauty and the Beast-themed manicure, and when it messed up, they fixed it for me.  That’s good service!

Best Swag:  Disney Princess

disney princess swag

Credit to Couponing to Disney

While Ragnar has their branding EVERYWHERE and the Buffalo Marathon had some unique items, Disney Princess by far had the best swag!  I was definitely jealous of those who did the Glass Slipper Challenge because they had the nicest gear!

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Most Unique Medal:  Run for Clean Air

I’ve never had a picture frame for a medal, it was too cool!  And you were even able to take a free photo to place in it after the race!

Best Post-Race Food/Beverages:  Buffalo Half Marathon, Parkway Classic

The Buffalo Half Marathon had PIZZA.  Real, Buffalonian pizza.  If you’re not from WNY you don’t get it, but trust me on this!  They also had great local beer on tap and the pours were generous!

I also have to give honorable mention to the Parkway Classic and the Run for Clean Air that offered multiple beers in their beer gardens post-race!

Best Race Shirt: Disney Princess 10K

Usually, the Rock ‘n Roll brand has the best finisher shirts but not this year…they were all pretty boring.  Thankfully, Disney did it right! I love the design and the fact that the race was themed after Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.  And no, I haven’t seen the new one yet…I’m too much of a purist, LOL!  I’ll see the Emma Watson version one day…

Favorite Overall Race: Buffalo Half Marathon

There isn’t a bad thing that I can say about this race!  What I loved about it was that I felt so strong and so confident.  I knew that I was going to PR, there was no doubt in my mind.  And I had moments during the race where I really had to stop myself from becoming overcome with emotion because I was feeling so great.  This is where I was born and raised, and yet it was my first distance race in Buffalo.  Truly a special experience.  I’m so glad that Bret and I were able to have a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Race You Are Most Proud of Yourself for Completing:  Ragnar Relay

This was my big bucket list race.  I’m so proud of myself for rising to the challenge.  It’s one of those races that when you tell people about it, they think you’re absolutely insane.  But maybe I am a little crazy.  I would LOVE to do another Ragnar in 2018…but those hills in PA were more than enough for me!

Tentative 2018 Racing Schedule

So what’s my racing plan for 2018?  I don’t have much on my calendar yet since I’ll be so busy planning my wedding next fall, but here’s what I am definitely running next year:

Other Possible Races:

How would you grade or rank the races you ran in 2017?  What are you most looking forward to running in 2018?  

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