December Running Goals and November Recap

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Dec 06

We are in the first week of December!  I’m really excited to share my December running goals!

I’m glad to say that  November went really well when it came to my fitness goals.  I was pretty busy but did my best to stay active and continue to enjoy my running off-season.  How did you do with your running, fitness, or nutrition goals?  And what are you looking forward to in December?

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November Running Goal Recap

November was an extremely busy month, and extremely stressful, so I’m thankful that it is in the rear-view mirror.  Since my half marathon in mid-October, I have been in my runnnig off-season and it’s been going pretty well!  I ended up running only about 43 miles in the month of November, but like I said, I kept busy just about every day!  Here’s a look back at my goals for last month:

  • Run 2-3 days a weekGrade:  B-.  I had 2 weeks with 3 runs, 2 weeks with 2 runs, and one week with no runs…so I’m okay with it.  I also raced the Rothman 8K and had a really fun time, though it was the first distance this year where I didn’t PR.  I can’t help but be a little bit competitive with myself!
  • Barre/yoga classes 3 days a week:  Grade:  B+.  Between barre and yoga,  I had 2 weeks with 3 classes and 3 weeks with 2 classes in November.   Honestly, I didn’t get to take as many yoga classes as I wanted to because of those pesky work meetings, but I made the most of what I could do.   I have really LOVED being a regular at the barre studio!  They have such a great community at Y2B Fit and I’m so glad to be a member.  I highly recommend it if you’re in the Philly area!
  • Explore a new running trail or group:  Grade:  A-.  I didn’t run with a new running club, but I did go for my first run in the Valley Forge State Park on a breezy Sunday morning.  The trails were absolutely beautiful and we covered a lot of ground in 5 miles.  It was just what I needed!
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December Running Goals

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  • Get 7 hours of sleep each night:  Ever since Daylight Savings kicked in, I have had horrible sleep.  Seriously.  I don’t know why it’s affecting me so much this year, but I’ve been falling asleep too early and waking up in the middle of the night…every single night.  So I’m really going to take this goal seriously.  I need to be in bed at 10 pm to get up at 5 am…and I can pivot from there.  I’ve had so many nights where I fell asleep at 8:30 or 9:30…ugh.  Hopefully I can break the vicious cycle ASAP.
  • Walk at work 2 days a week:  Even though it’s (finally) getting colder, I need to spend more time out in the fresh air.  This year I didn’t participate in the Fall Walking Challenge at work, so I didn’t have those nice 30-minute walks before lunch.  Since work can be a pain, I’ll need walking to be my outlet and opportunity to clear my head.  I’ll start with 2 days a week and go from there.
  • Foam roll after every run:  A couple of months ago I had a goal to foam roll every day – I totally failed that goal.  Now that I’m getting back to building a base for spring race training, I need to get back to the good habits.  Coach Laura always has Foam Rolling as part of my post-run routine, but I runfess that I don’t always do it.  After running on Monday for the first time in a week, my hamstings and IT band were not happy with me….it’s time to get back to work and finally make it a habit!

How did you do with your running goals in November?  What goals are you working towards this December?

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