February Running Goals and January Recap

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Feb 07

We are already into our first week of February – how was the month been going for you so far?  I’m really excited to dive into a new month and conquer new goals!

But before I share my running goals for February, I’m going to look back and see how I did kicking off 2018 with my running and fitness goals for January.  I’ve really enjoyed these posts because they help keep me accountable – there’s always work to be done and ways to improve!

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How did you do with your running goals for January? What are your goals for February? #runchat Share on X

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January Running Goals Recap:

January kicked off a new year, and it was my first full month of training for the New Jersey Marathon.  I worked really hard to commit to my training and ended up running about 75.5 miles in the month of January – I’ll take it!  Here’s what I originally planned for my running goals in January:

  • Create a meal planning routine.  Grade:  F.  I signed up for that 10-day Meal Planning Bootcamp and I never even made it past the second day.  With my mother passing away, I spent a lot of time in Buffalo and we didn’t have the healthiest meals.  I don’t regret it at all, but I have to get my head in the game to seriously work on this goal.
  • Get back to my pre-holiday weight.  Grade:  A.  Surprisingly, my weight gain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!  I haven’t weighed myself since the beginning of January but I’m feeling in pretty good shape and pretty consistent.
  • Foam roll after every run.  Grade: A.  It’s finally feeling like routine to foam roll, even after my shorter runs!
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February Running Goals

I'm sharing my running and fitness goals for February 2018! What are your goals for the month? Chat about running with me at runwithnoregrets.com! #running #fitness

  • Create a meal planning routine.  Since I failed this goal in January, I’m bringing it back!  I still have that meal planning challenge I can use as a guide  I just need to dive in and get to work!  I know that once I find my routine, it will relieve so much stress and pretty much force us to eat healthier meals.  No time like the present!
  • Get to the bottom of my knee and shoulder pain.  I honestly thought knee pain while running was normal; at least it’s normal for me.  I’m very early in my marathon training so it’s important for me to not derail the process by ignoring potential injuries.  I have some exercises that I could do for my shoulder; Coach Laura thinks I should talk to a PT about my knee pain.  I’ve had Runner’s Knee in the past; at a minimum, I know I have to make sure I do my injury prevention exercises consistently.  Fingers crossed that I can find out what I can do to avoid getting hurt!
  • Run a long run with a friend.  The long Saturday runs have been pretty lonely the past few weeks.  I know a few fellow City Fit Girls who are training for the New Jersey Marathon and Half, so it’s time to meet up with one or two of them and get it done!  Miles always go quicker when you’re not alone, plus they are some great gals to talk to/hang out with!

How did you do with your running goals in January?  What goals are you working towards this February?

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