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Mar 23

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As a runner, it can be a real challenge to keep your muscles pain-free, even when you do all the right things: foam rolling, stretching, strength training.  During this current cycle of marathon training, I’ve learned that there’s no shame in using tools to give you a little bit more support.  That’s why I was so excited to get the opportunity to use KT Tape for the first time!  I’m sharing my review (and a discount) with you – check it out and see if it can help you out too!

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If you're interested in easing the pain during your workouts or runs, try KT Tape! In my review I share how it's helped with knee and foot pain while on the run! You can save 30% on KT Tape with code BIBRAVE30! Find more reviews at!

KT Tape Line of Products

KT Tape brands

If you’re not familiar with KT Tape, it is a well-renowned brand of kinesiology tape that is used by athletes to help relieve musculoskeletal pain.  With the proper application, KT Tape can help ease the pain of Runner’s Knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and many other conditions by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body and supporting muscles that would otherwise overextend or over-contract.  Sounds pretty good, right?

These are the different types of KT Tape on the market:

  • KT Tape PRO:  Best-selling 100% synthetic kinesiology tape line, 4-7 days of wear with proper application
  • KT Tape PRO Extreme:  Strongest adhesive for the most extreme and humid conditions and for people with
    more oily skin, 4-7 days of wear with proper application
  • KT Tape PRO Wide:  2X the width of normal PRO for larger muscle groups, 4-7 days of wear with proper application
  • KT Tape Gentle:  Cotton tape developed specifically for a gentler removal for those with more sensitive skin, 1-3 days of wear
  • KT Tape Cotton:  The original KT Tape – top selling cotton tape in the U.S., 1-3 days of wear

My Experience With KT Tape

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve been working hard training for the New Jersey Marathon that’s a little over a month away.  In the midst of my training, my knees, left shoulder, my right shin, and my left arch have been bothering me off and on, especially on those long runs.  While doing more stretching and prehab has helped, I was eager to put KT Tape to the test and see if this stuff really works!

Original and PRO:  Knee Support

kt tape knee support

Using the Original line on both knees on the treadmill!

I was most interested in seeing how KT Tape could help with my Runner’s Knee (ugh).  The first time I used it was on my right knee during a 15 mile run with Bret.  It was a pretty miserable run for us, but my right knee was holding up great thanks to the support!  My knee pain can get bad within the first 6-7 miles but even at mile 10, I was feeling pretty solid.  I only wore it on one knee because I wanted to test whether I could really feel a difference and guess what, I did!

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve worn the tape on either one or both knees for support.  This is a huge game changer for me as I have a couple of 18 and 20 milers left on my plate!  Using the KT Tape has really helped boost my confidence.

PRO: Plantar Fasciitis Support

kt tape foot

I also mentioned that I’ve recently been having pain in my arches during runs.  One solution was to finally replace my sneakers that had over 300 miles logged (duh, lol).  The other was using KT Tape on my foot!  I only applied the tape once and wore it on that same 15 mile run.  Unfortunately, the tape pulled on my calf in a way that made it really painful to run.  I think I need more practice applying the tape!  What I did appreciate though was that the following morning, my foot didn’t hurt with my first steps of the day like it normally does.

PRO Wide:  Shoulder and Lower Back Support

kt tape wide shoulder

Struggling to get a good picture of my painful shoulder!

Clearly I’m falling apart as I’ve also been experiencing shoulder pain for quite some time.  I thought I would try the Wide tape on my shoulder, but it was quite an endeavor applying the tape.  I had Bret help me but let’s just say we didn’t have a fun experience.  The technique of applying the tape is so specific, and it’s hard to give direction when you can’t see what you’re doing.  So, unfortunately, the tape didn’t work on this run.  But fortunately, being mindful of my posture while running has helped with the pain, especially on those double digit runs!

Bret also used the Wide tape once, on his lower back.  He was extremely skeptical, but at the end of the run he said that his lower back felt much better than it usually does!

Final Thoughts

I was very skeptical of whether KT Tape would work for me, but I am a believer!  I definitely prefer to use the KT PRO brand since it seems to provide the best support, though I do need to take better care when it’s time to remove it!  I’ll definitely use the Extreme line when those hot and humid summers come along!

KT Tape has dozens of videos to help you learn how to apply the tape properly.  It’s a bit of a learning curve, but with some time and patience, it gets easier.  Their customer support is also great if you ever have questions!

I highly recommend trying KT Tape for some of those achy places.  It definitely provides relief, even if it’s only temporary!

Get Your Own KT Tape!

If you’re interested in trying KT Tape for yourself, I’m excited to share a huge discount with you!  You can order any type of KT Tape at a 30% discount with code BIBRAVE30.  I will definitely need to stock up on the PRO tape to help with my knees!

Have you ever used KT Tape or a similar product?  What areas do you find that you need support?

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