Tunes Tuesday: Throwback to 2000-2009

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | music

Apr 03

The first Tuesday of April has arrived, meaning it’s time for Tunes Tuesday!  This month, Kim from Kooky Runner, Steff from Run Steff Run, and I are sharing some of our throwback favorites!

What decade of music do you enjoy?  As much as I loved the 90’s, I will always have a special place in my heart for 2000-2009, my coming of age years!  This is going to be one of my most extensive running playlists to-date, and I’ve challenged myself to add some songs that I’ve never shared with you before.  I hope you enjoy it!

Remember – Tunes Tuesday is now taking place on the first Tuesday of every month – we hope you join us!

And in case you missed it – here are my previous Tunes Tuesday monthly playlists:

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Tune Tuesday:  Songs from the 00’s, My Favorite Decade!

I’m extremely excited to share this playlist with you.  Whenever I create music playlists on Spotify, I find that I draw on so many songs that are now nearly 20 years old!  The early 2000’s is a time that I have so many fond memories.  I was in high school and college from 2000-2008.  I got to enjoy those Now That’s What I Call Music CD’s when they were in single digits (which I still listen to in my car), I watched TRL and 106 & Park every day after school,  I made my own mix CD’s in high school then got into making playlists on iTunes and Windows Media Player by downloading SO much illegal music in college (oops!).  I just feel that we had a really great variety of music that was upbeat and fun but still interesting!

Check out my Tunes Tuesday Tribute to 2000-2009 – I’m sure this one will continue to grow as I add more of my favorites!

Featured Songs from 2000-2009:


The first decade of 2000 was my all-time favorite for music! Check out my latest Tunes Tuesday post and find some musical inspiration for your running and workout playlist! Find more at!

This playlist ended up being EXTREMELY long with well over 100 songs, so instead of going into individual tracks, I’ll talk about just some of my favorite artists during this era.  In the 2000’s, I was really into pop, R&B, and hip-hop music.  I wasn’t into mainstream rock music so much, and I started to “dabble” with more electronic music in college.  It was a fun time with so many great eclectic choices!  Definitely check out my full Spotify playlist because I go in all kinds of directions!

  • Sean Paul:  I was such a big fan when he hit the mainstream!  His music videos still bring back so many memories!
  • Usher:  Of course “Yeah!” was a huge hit, but I also really loved his 8701 album.
  • Rihanna:  Aw such humble beginnings!  It’s hard to believe that she’s been around so long, but Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna is my favorite!
  • Ciara:  She was so down-to-earth and sweet!  I was definitely a fan when she first came out!
  • Chingy:  Who didn’t love “Right Thurr”?  LOL!
  • Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz:  Oh that crunk music…the beginning of the end!  You can’t deny that they had some classic hits!
  • Ludacris:  He was on a roll for a few years with some great, memorable songs!  I always loved his music videos.
  • Linkin Park:  Probably the only rock band that I liked in the 2000’s.  So sad that Chester passed away.
  • Lil’ Bow Wow:  Yeah, I had a crush on him, lol!  Good times!
  • Michael Jackson:  I still think “You Rock My World” is underapprecated!
  • Kanye West:  Young Kanye will always be my favorite.  His first 3 albums are classic…I miss that Kanye!
  • Nelly:  He was a HUGE star back then.  He really brought something new to the table, lots of fun music!  And yes I had a poster of him on my wall, ha!
  • Eminem:  I actually didn’t add a ton of his music, but give me some time!
  • Beyonce:  Such humble beginnings…I really enjoyed her when she first went solo.  She’s just BEYOND now…
  • Lil’ Kim:  My girl!  She could always drop a hot single!  Lil’ Kim can do no wrong in my eyes, LOL!
  • Jennifer Lopez:  I don’t think anyone imagined that J-Lo would become such a popular singer, but hey, she’s got some jams!
  • Missy Elliott:  You all know she’s my all-time favorite.
  • Ja Rule:  He was another one with hit after hit after hit!  It was fun while it lasted!
  • Janet Jackson:  “All For You” was such a cheesy song but I still love it.  And those abs!!
  • Gorillaz:  Such a cool group, I really need to dive back into their music!
  • Nelly Furtado:  Another one of my favorites.  When she came out with “Promiscuous” it was unbelievable!
  • Lil’ Wayne:  The Carter III is still my favorite Lil’ Wayne album…classic!
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What songs do you like from the 2000’s?  What would you add to this list?

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