June Running Goals and May Recap

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Jun 05

It’s the first week of June – is it feeling like summer yet where you live?  I’m not ready!

It’s time for one of my favorite posts – looking back at my running goals for the previous month and creating new goals for the next month!  It really does help me to stay motivated and on top of my game.  Since I had my long running break in May, how can I get things rolling in June?

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Every month I've been sharing my running goals. Check it out and more running and fitness fun at runwithnoregrets.com!

May Running Goals Recap

May was QUITE an unusual running month for me.  After having two months of 100+ miles of running, I probably only got in about 8 miles in the entire month!  I really needed a break after working so hard for so many months, plus the rainy weather wasn’t encouraging me to get out there.  Now if I was training, you know I’ll run in any weather!  But anyway, here’s how I did on my goals for May:

  • Focus on marathon recovery and self-care.  Grade:  B.  My marathon recovery was definitely an A – I did no workouts for a whole week (actually a little longer) and scheduled an 80-minute deep tissue massage.  But I probably could have done more on the end of self-care.  I just felt like I was really lazy, haha!
  • Get back to barre and yoga class.  Grade:  B+.  I was able to make my way back to barre and yoga class 1-2 times a week, so that was great.  I definitely plan on keeping it going in June.  I missed a lot of yoga classes because of work meetings, but I’m looking forward to things calming down.
  • Continue cooking healthy meals with Hello FreshGrade:  A.  Hello Fresh continues to work well for us.  We did skip a few weeks because we got a bit backlogged, but otherwise I’m still a huge fan.  It has reminded me that I do enjoy cooking!  Don’t forget, if you’d like to save $40 on your first box, you can use my referral link!  Better yet, if you are interested in trying it out for FREE, the first four people send me an email at janelle@runwithnoregrets.com will get hooked up!
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June Running Goals

It's always great to set fitness goals and keep yourself accountable. Here are my running goals for June - check out more running fun at runwithnoregrets.com!

  • Complete the Strong Arms and Abs Challenge.  I’m excited to FINALLY get to participate in one of Rachel’s monthly fitness challenges.  I can’t wait to see how it goes, as I really need some discipline in my life!  Are you doing it too?
  • Begin treatment plan for plantar fasciitis.  It’s time to make the appointments and get my recovery on track!  I don’t want to create mileage goals until I feel safe enough to get back to running.  So I’m going to make an appointment with the primary care doc and do what I gotta do.  If I have to schedule some sick time to get an appointment during the week, so be it.  No excuses!
  • Balance Hello Fresh meals with the summer farm share.  It’s June, meaning that it’s time for another year of farm share!  Since Hello Fresh has been going so well, we want to balance using both.  This year they’re offering a smaller portion of the fruit and vegetable share, so I signed up for that in addition to the bread share.  I’m looking forward to the challenge!

How did you do in the month of May?  What are your running goals for June?

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